My Fanfic part 2

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My Fanfic part 2

Okay, hi.
Here's a story that I've been working on for about a week now, and I want to see what the other Killjoys think of it!

Comment please :) Let me know how I can get better!

K bye.
Krazy Kat


I woke up the next morning in Party Poison's bed, with him sitting in the desk chair drawing. He noticed that I was awake and came and held me in his arms, because I woke up and started crying as soon as I saw him. Just knowing that he was okay made me remember my dream. It felt so good knowing that he was okay and that I hadn't given up the HQ or the rest of my best friends in the world. He just held me and hummed a song to me, which I recognized as Welcome to the Black Parade by an old band called My Chemical Romance. I couldn't stop crying, but he just continued to hold me and rock me in his arms. I felt safe and warm there, like nothing could hurt me, not even the Dracs. Kobra Kid came to the door without us nocicing. We didn't notice for about 5 seconds, until he cleared his throat and told us that they were going out on a rescue mission in Zone 3. Party Poision asked if they would be okay without him, and Kobra said that they could manage and then left. Kobra also threw me a worried look before leaving. Oh God, did he know about my nightmares? He couldn't know. No one besides Party Poison could know.
The rest of the Killjoys got back about a half hour later... with no one new with them. I wasn't afraid this time though, because aparently she hadn't been captured by the Dracs. She was afraid that the guys were Dracs in disguise and ran away from them. She was in the same zone I was in when the Killjoys found me. That's probably why I'm so crazy. The zone she and I were in was crawling with Dracs. I asked Party Poison if the reason I was having these dreams was because I was hiding in Zone 3 from the Dracs. He said that my old zone had nothing to do with the dreams. That's the difference between me and Party Poison. He didn't call my nightmares "nightmares." He called them dreams. He always had a positive attitude for everything and never called me a nut. Party Poison just comforted and helped me through my dreams. And hummed. Lots of humming. Mostly he sang My Chemical Romance songs and Green Day songs to me. They helped me fall asleep, for some reason.
One day I asked Party Poison why they took me on rescue missions, even though I was so afraid of the Dracs. He told me that I came along because each time that I went on a mission with them, I cried less at night. The first night I was there, I cried for over five hours until I fell asleep. Now, I was down to about three and a half. Even though it was a small difference, he said that it showed I was getting better. I asked if I could stay back from the next misson, just so I wouldn't even have to be around the dracs. Even just being near them scared me. He was reluctant, but agreed after me pressing enough. In good time, too, because Fun Ghoul ran into my room and said to Party Poison that there was a call to Zone 2. Party Poison dropped a kiss on my forehead and told me to lock all the doors and to watch out for them when they got back. The entire time they were away, I was sitting at the booth by the window in the main room hyperventilating and freaking out, thinking the worst about what happened. Then I fell asleep, after about an hour of them being in Zone 2.
I woke up in my bed that morning, surprisingly, without having a bad dream that night, at least one that I remember. Party Poison was sitting in my beanbag chair, drawing again, and when he saw I was awake, came over again and held me in his arms. He told me that I had slept the whole night through without even crying, though there had been a lot of yelling about the Dracs coming to attack me. The sheets on my bed were covered in sweat, and so was I, but he didn't care. He still held me in his arms and hummed just like every other day. This time it was Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day. That was the song I was listening to when they found me in the middle of the dessert. Party Poison could feel me shaking in his arms, but he just kept stroking my sweat- covered hair and humming.
I was trying not to cry. I was trying to be brave. I had finally slept the whole night through this time. I didn't want to spoil that by crying in broad daylight, and not with the other Killjoys around. Inside, I was an emotional wreck. I could barley contain myself. Everything that had been happening latley was just putting my dreams up at least fifteen notches on the "fear" scale. Being the great friend that he was, Party Poison put me down and shut the door to my bedroom. It was almost like he could sense what I was feeling inside. He picked me up again, and told me to let it all out. I did exactly what he said. I started crying the worst I had since I started staying with the Killjoys. He didn't say a word; he just pulled me closer into his chest. I breathed in his scent, which brought me a little bit of comfort. I stopped crying long enough to ask him if I was crazy. He told me that I wasn't crazy. He said that everyone seems a little crazy right now.
Then we heard a big crash at the front door. We heard the hiss of the Dracs, and I started screaming. Not just a yelp, a total bloody murder scream, and I hid in my closet, taking my guitar with me. I couldn't hear the rest because I passed out in my closet from the fear.