Calling MCR Fan Artists! --->Gerard and Frank Fan Blogs

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Calling MCR Fan Artists! --->Gerard and Frank Fan Blogs

I created two new blogs on tumblr, one for Frank and one for Gerard (I'll make a MIkey and Ray later if these don't prove to be too much for me to handle)

Anyway, here are the links, I figured you guys may wanna check them out, it's completely porn and ship free so everyone can enjoy it and not get offended, keep in mind they just started yesterday so there aren't a ton of posts yet but the main reason I'm posting this is because I know the MCR fanbase has some AMAZING artists and I want to put up the art you guys make.
(Here is what I recently posted on tumblr)

Dear MCR Fan Artists,

Hey guys! I have a fanart tag on my new Frank and Gerard blogs, so if you wanna submit your art, I can post it and credit you, or if you already posted it on your blog, submit the link to the post and I’ll reblog it. Please help! I would rather only Gerard or Frank be in the pictures or w/e but if the rest of the band is in, I won’t object. I’ll accept poetry and “letters” you may have written for either of the guys so anything really is welcome. Videos you may have made on youtube or even picture edits are appreciated.

Gerard Art Submissions can go here:

Frank Art Submissions can go here:

So please send in any form of art you make as long as it is respectful towards the band members. Xo