Two Years

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Two Years it turns out what I THOUGHT was six months that was the break between my writings for The Outlaws and now was not six months....

It's been two years.


I mean. WOW! Two years and I pick it up like it was nothing. I mean that is really impressive. I mean really two years.

I got the Killjoy's album and rolled with it but got bored and had other little MCR baby stories toddling about.
I have
I have the weirdest neighbors
Boarding house for drop out and losers
At a wake (Which I am kind of working on)
I'm working on Wake when I'm at school and refuse to do work/ have nothing to do. And Killjoys I work on when I'm not burnt out on it.


I saw rise of the guardians and refuse to belief one thing.
That NO kid in the WORLD has never believed in Jack Frost because I've been in love with him since I was a little kid and found out he made snow and ice. So whatever.

XD Prepare for a Rise of the Guardian's fanfic