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Stupid school stuff.

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KittyCatKilljoy's picture
on August 13, 2014 - 7:14am

So i was sent an anonymous email from my school last night asking for a good dance theme and parade theme for the upcoming school year. When i heard the word parade, my brain spazzed out and went a little like, "OMG BLACK PARADE BLACK PARADE BLACK PARADE!!!!!! WHEN I WAS, A YOUNG BOY, MAH FATHA, TOOK ME INTO THE CITY, TO SEE A MARCHIN BAND!!!!!!" And so on and so on. So yeah, a black parade themed parade would be so absolutely RAD. But no, they told me it was "too morbid and creepy". They are now using this other kids idea to be rap/gangster themed. UUUGGGGHHHHH. Then for the dance i thought how awesome a danger days themed dance would be, with everyone dressed like killjoys and wearing awesome outfits,, shooting laser guns everywhere, with the dj wearing a mousekat would be so fun. But of course, they had to crush my dreams and decided to go with a taylor swift style dance because apparently danger days sounded very lame and to them "not hip". UUUGGGHHHH! Then after they told me that i may be a little obsessed with this so called "Romance my Chemical" band. I sent them something like this: Don't EVER say i may be a little obsessed with mcr. I am MORE than obsessed!!!
a fabulous killjoy, black parader, revenger, and bullet seeker, so long, and goodnight!

(but seriously, if the dj had the mousekat helmet it would be awesome. but ill know it wasnt party poison so that would ruin it)