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Poor thing

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KittyCatKilljoy's picture
on September 2, 2014 - 5:27pm

Theres this girl at school…okay, well, she calls herself a killjoy. So at first i was like, "OMG! OMG! OMFG! I FOUND ONE!!!! FINALLY!" So i was pretty excited obviously, i mean, who wouldn't be!? So i went over and got to know her and started talking MCR, you know, i had to test her to see if she is true killjoy material. So….i was very disappointed when she told me that the only song she liked was Sing. She said the rest are too screamo for her. Ok. She calls herself a KILLJOY!? I am so disappointed! Oh well…..the fact that she like MCR (or well, i thought she really liked them) was all that i could relate to her since she is now a poplar girl. But she told me she liked MCR because she was so bad and tough. What? Well, anyway, she had no idea what song i was humming to walking to class to see if she actually did love the song like she said. She asked what song i was humming. I said, "Girl! You know this. It's by a fantabulous band!" She looked confused and said, "One Direction?" I was humming Sing. The song she "loved". Some people…….HOW COULD YOU COMPARE MCR TO ONE DIRECTION!?!?!?! Oh well….I feel bad for her. I thought i had made a friend at first because i was super duper nice to her and i thought she thought i was a cool friend, but now she goes around spreading rumors about my wrists and calls me, and i quote, "Stupid weird emo goth freak psychopath loser geek" Wow. Just, wow.