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I Feel Horrible

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KittyCatKilljoy's picture
on August 14, 2014 - 7:53pm

I was at Staples today getting some last minute school stuff, and while I wasn't looking, I accidentally bumped into a boy that looked to be around six years old. Right after, I quickly kindly apologized to him because I was worried I had stepped on his foot. He stared at me and dropped all of the boxes of crayons he was holding and took two steps back. I smiled and said, "Whoops, I'll help you pick those up." As I bent down to pick up the multiple crayon boxes, he took another few steps back. I got back up and reached out to hand them to him and then told him I loved his cat Star Wars shirt. He took one more step back and I reached out even further and put them in his hands and he immediately dropped them. I said, "Uh oh! I'll help you, maybe you should go get a basket, it can be pretty difficult holding so many things at once!" He quickly shook his head, still staring at me. Confused and worried I said, "Are you okay? Where's your mom? Are you here with anyone?" He finally replied but it wasn't quite what I had expected. He quickly blurted out, "My mom said I'm not aloud to talk to people like you. She said they are crazy and dangerous." And pointed to my wrist that was barely exposed underneath my hoodie. He then ran away and that was when his mom came into sight and told me, "Don't go near my son you hear me!" This was in front of the entire store. Mortified, I put on my hood and said, "So sorry ma'am, I won't bother him. But here," I handed her the crayons, "He dropped these." I handed them to her but she quickly rejected them and whispered to her son, "Let's get away from her. She's trouble."
So I feel like crap now. I feel horrible…………. :(