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Hey Guys!

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KittyCatKilljoy's picture
on August 13, 2014 - 7:40pm

Hello everybody! Please excuse all of my typos, i typed this on my ipad and i type as if I'm killing the keyboard and i am waaayyy (every time i write that it makes me think of Gee and Mikey) too lazy to go and look for typos. I'm in a really strange mood right now. I think it's what happens when you are so unbelievably tired that you have a ton of energy, idk. But i just finished watching every. Single. MCR interview/video that i could find along with Life on the Murder Scene so my eyes feel like they're gonna dissolve into my skull and my head is exploding with every single My Chem song there is including Every Snowflake's Different (isn't that just the cutest video!?) It's only like 7:20 here, but I am so tired….is this just another sign of how incredibly out of shape i am?! I mean, i watch people run and i start sweating and my heart starts racing, actually, i get exhausted and out of breath watching people watching people exercise! Like, i'm not overweight or anything, but i think that when you never exercise or move, your body just turns to mush, that is my brilliant theory…. I prefer burning calories by exercising my brain, and listening to mcr,and eating. basically whatever doesn't involve human interaction and moving (unless it's to get food)….I am so pathetic…..maybe i'm so tired because i ACTUALLY went outside and into the sunlight today, well, for about 30 seconds, but thats still something. I'm a killjoy hermit vampire….but I'm so proud that i faced the evil sunlight of death (and happiness…even worse!) But back to being in a strange exhausted/super energetic crazy muffin mood (i don't know why i decided to use the word muffin….) does this ever happen to anyone? Feeling like a uh, muffin i guess. But an energetic muffin….???? Is there a reason i keep using the word muffin? IT'S A SIGN! BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?!? Well, maybe i should go eat something……