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Anyone Else Feel This Way?

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KittyCatKilljoy's picture
on August 12, 2014 - 9:07am

So a few days ago I was dragged into a shopping day with my mum and sister. So they are ultra girly, like, pink, sparkles, cute pastels, frills, flowers, and i'm here wearing black skinny jeans, converse, a studded belt, and a band tee with faux plug earrings and short hair. And while their makeup is pretty and delicate, I have loads of mascara on top and bottom with black eyeliner. So we are TOTALLY different. (they all hate the way i dress and have taken away my eyeliner and black clothing, except jeans, which I wouldn't let them) So when shopping, they go into all their stores and I must follow along, every five seconds my mother shoves a pretty "normal girl" outfit at me and wants me to try it on. So after being dragged around all of their stores, I know what must be done. Hot topic!!! So of course I have to go there, I get so many of my favorite things there, but I feel so guilty taking my mother and sister in there because
A: they hate all the clothing there.
B: They HATE the music played there
C: they hate the look of it there.
so whenever I go in there with anyone, not just my sis and mum, I feel super rushed and guilty. it's awful. but then if they absolutely hate it, I take it upon myself to TRY to change that because they always think there's something wrong with me for shopping at hot topic.....
Am I the only one that feels this?????