What will YOU do to end the silence?

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What will YOU do to end the silence?

Every year on April 15th there is something called "The Day of Silence" Some of you may have heard of it, other may not have. Well the DOS represents the anti lesbian gay transgeder bisexual bullying and the allies of those who are apposed to that discrimination. Every day, if you know it or not, someone is a victim of LGBT bullying and or harassment, And sadly, some of them may be so confused and hurt by what was said to them, May take their own lives, and in a worse case, they can be murdered for being the way they are.

Sounds stupid right? Well you have heard about it on the news im sure, Remember Lawrance King? He was 15 years old, and wore makeup and he had painted nails, and he was openly gay seeing nothing wrong (And of corse there isnt). One day in class Lawrance was shot in the head by a fellow classmate, BECAUSE he was gay. Lawrance was declared officially brain dead on Feburay 13th, 2008.

The GLSEN has asked the students of the school if they had reported who had been harassed or assaulted, more than one-tenth ( 13%)said the incident wasn't serious enough to report. When they did report the incidents, the response from school staffs was positive about 70% of the time. That's not enough , it should be 100%, and up to 66% of gay and transgender kids said they had heard homophobic remarks from other children in school.

A more recent, but not in any way less horrible story is the one of Tyler Clementi,18, Who's roommate had posted video of him having relations with another man. Tyler found out, and killed himself, by jumping off Washington bridge.

He was not alone, he was now the fifth gay teen suicide that month

-Justin Aaberg, openly gay and just 15, committed suicide after being bullied in school.

-Billy Lucas, also 15 wasn’t out, but was mercilessly bullied in school. He hanged himself.

-Asher Brown, 13, who told his parents he was gay the morning he shot himself in the head, was also bullied.

- Seth Walsh, also just 13, hanged himself after suffering from years of bullying.

Sometimes it isnt death though, Just people saying "You cant do that, because youre gay,"

Like the story of one Ms. Constance McMillen, Who wanted to wear a tux, and bring her girlfriend to her high school prom. But the school canceled it saying "It is a distraction" And someone on campus of the Mississippi school, has told her"Thanks for ruining my senior year". To make matters worse, after she sued the school, they left her out of a secret "Fake prom". She is quoted saying this about the event "They had the time of their lives," McMillen says. "That's the one good thing that come out of this, these kids didn't have to worry about people making fun of them at their prom."

So dear people of the world, weather you like it or not, People ARE gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and everything in between. Some sadly will not come out for their fear of discrimination or hate crimes.

So join me and others on April 15th to help end the silence.


Print those cards out, and carry them around, Do not speak. If you wish, put tape on your mouth wear something rainbow, 100% up to you.

this is a day against discrimination.

Be proud of who you are.

What are you going to do, to help break the silence?