Stop the hate tomorrow!

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Stop the hate tomorrow!

Alright, SOLDIERS GATHER AROUND! Brothers and Sisters in Arms, the time has come again for us to solemnly pack up our gear, hold our heads high and march in unison onto the battlefield. Our enemy is faceless, it could be anyone at any time, but we know them by their sneers, and the bitter hatred they attempt to spread with cruel words. On the twelth of this first month in this New Year we must again take up arms against the common enemy, BULLYING! Most of us have been at the wrong end of this hatred, and yes it often feels like staring down the barrel of a gun. Some of us have even lost fellow Soldiers to this crime and as the Black Parade says we now have to "Carry On" without them. By no means an easy task. However it's for fallen comrades we march on, for those that do not have a voice, or are simply to terrified to speak up. For THEM we have to move forward and STOP THE HATE. This movement has grown leaps and bounds since December and we should all be proud of ourselves for the steps we have taken, for what we have done. In the Black Parade, Gerard was/is the Saviro of the broken, the beaten and the damned. So now I ask you my fellow soldiers, will you be the same?

We cannot be stopped, we cannot be broken, as long as we stick together, as long as we always stop to help one another, to hold up the afraid, the weary, and the broken. If we believe in ourselves and each other we will be heard, our voices will be deafening, louder than a bomb, and louder than the hatred. We will scream if we must, and we ARE NOT AFRAID.
So many of you may remember on my Birthday back on December 12th I {Viva Vengeance} asked everyone to write "Stop The Hate" somewhere on their body, arms, hands, neck etc and take a picture and send it to me at well, this has grown into a movement called The Soldiers of The Black Parade {WE ARE NOT AFRAID} and we are doing this on the 12th of every month in orer to Stop Hatred and bullying in it's myriad of forms, from in person bullying to cyber bullying, all of it must be stopped. So the time has come, once again, Next Thursday on January 12th I'm asking that you again write "STOP THE HATE" on yourself, take a picture and send it to so your picture can be placed in the photo albulm of the group and also put in our monthly video, we will be making a new video every month to showcase the new pictures.

Bullying has to stop, I think we all know this, but it's time we stop being afraid and actually stand up and fight, as I write this I am in the middle of being bullied on-line, but instead of letting that stop me, or allowing it to make me feel bad about myself it makes me a million times more determined to put myself out there and STOP THIS! So, on the 12th, please write STOP THE HATE on yourself, take a picture and e-mail it to Viva Vengeance at but just as important post and re-post this wherever you can, spread the word to your friends and take pictures of them also!

If you would like to join the Soldiers of The Black [arade on Facebook here is the link!/groups/WeAreNotAfraid/

We will be having missions, contests etc, and it's on the whole a very positive place to hang out, talk and get help if you are being bullied. We hope sooner rather than later to have a website with message boards also.

Also here is the link to the First Stop the Hate video from December 12th's pictures, made by the talented Riley Sullivan of the group.

I want to thank EVERYONE that participated last month and hope you will do so again, feel free to send as many pictures as you like so we have plenty to choose from, and hold your head up HIGH when you do this. It's something we KNOW Gerard, Mikey, Frankie and Ray would approve of 110% and would be super proud of us. Let's show these people that just because they feel the need to spread hate that they ARE NOT INVINCIBLE, that we are just as armed as they are, and we are NOT AFRAID to fight back. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail Viva Vengeance at or mssg Viva on FB at this link.!/profile.php?id=100000183886166

Now on that note, LET'S GIVE EM HELL SOLDIERS!