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ive recently been inspired to start painting again, not that im anygood at all, and i really want to go buy supplies since i dont have much but i cant spend anymore money untill after the concert on the 17th:( it sucks cause painting helps me relax and i could really use it right now.

anywayy! i love you mcrmy! just thought i'd remind you!<3 anyone here like post secret?? i've loved it for awhile and i just downloaded the app for my ipod, i think the app is amazing! and i hope i can go to the exibit at MOMA but im scared to go with my mom and sister cause im afraid my secret will be there and that they will find out that it is mine.

rawr im just kinda bored and no one that i know is up because tomorrow(well today since its 2:17am) is the first day of school for them. anyone wanna talk or something? lol i sound kinda desprate:)

love always,
Pretty Poison

(pics are ones i took at the honda civic tour Hershey, PA concert on 8/13/11)