kinda need to rant...

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kinda need to rant...

i kinda fucked up(i didnt cut) but i did scratch the fuck outta my arm like an idiot but i am proud of myself cause i found some of my pills and instead of taking them to get fucked up i flushed em' :)

anyway im kinda down cause my mommom(my mothers mom) is in the hospital right now, she has cancer and is going through chemo but thats not why shes in the hospital. my mommom is in the hospital because she is so fucking kind and selfless that she was making a dinner plate for my neighbors because my neighbor also has cancer and is going through chemo and fractured her hip. while my mommom was cooking this dinner she started having heart palpitations but she still kept cooking. later the heart palpitations got worse so she called 911 and my uncle freaked out on my mom for not telling anyone that my mommom was feeling sick(but he has no right since he keeps shit a secret from my mom all the time) and yeah idk why im typing all this. i just need to get this shit out. im sick of my family's bullshit drama, i just want my mommom to be better, i know shes strong but honestly im scared as fuck. and my poor poppop(my moms dad) is all upset because he and my mommom are still hopelessly in love and he misses her so much and it just breaks my heart because he cries since he want to be at the hospital with her.

oh and when i was at the HCT concert in camden, nj gerard sang cancer extra slow and beautiful and made me cry. ive heard cancer many times and never cried but now it really hits me plus he sang it so amazing that night. i hate him for it but at the same time love him because it was so good.

anyway rant over,

love always,
pretty poison