i hate goodbyes

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i hate goodbyes

i just said goodbye to my best friend in the whole world for the last time before she goes to college. i actully didnt cry yet, i did tear up a bit but i dont think it really hit me yet. i know it'll hit me as soon as i think of something i wanna do with her or tell her in person and i'll just breakdown and cry. this really fucking sucks, i hate that she has to go to FL. i wish she picked a school in NJ but im happy for her since this is what she really wants to do in life. god i dont know what im going to do without her here<3 she was always there for me like last year on my birthday she got snowed in my house with me(we knew it was going to be a blizzard) so i wouldnt be alone and bored and she also went to my first MCR concert with me. shitt im gonna cry just typing this haha im kinda just ventting.

anyone have anything to make me smile? like any funny pictures? i'd really love it if you helped me feel better<3

anyways hope all is well in the zones killjoys, love you all!

love always,
pretty poison