hey guys:)

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hey guys:)

so im in a better mood tonight:) thanks to the people who talked to me, you really helped a lot<3 love you so so so much!
but now im sick ahaha i hate my immune system! so now im just gonna watch movies and degrassi:)

oh! today my mama and i went shopping and i got a new MCR shirt, i havent bought a band tee in so long! lol so im happy! i also went to petsmart and got new adorable collars for my cats:) and we bought a ton of bath products from lush, it was nice to go out and have fun:)

so now i will post pictures of Gerard! i posted pictures of Frank last night so go to my previous blog for some adorable pics of Frank! tomorrow i'll post some of Mikey! and monday i'll do Ray!<3

love always,
Pretty Poison