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I Need Help Deciding

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KilljoysNeverDie's picture
on August 8, 2014 - 11:45am

Ok, below is a possible chapter for a new fan fiction, but I don't know if I should continue it and help deciding would be appreciated. Thank you if you do decide to help :D


A blood stained grin spread across my face as I dropped the knife, letting it clatter onto the concrete. I closed my eyes, and the events of the last five minutes started to replay in my head, The look of horror on his face as I pulled the cold blade across his neck and me smiling because I knew that he couldn't hurt us any more.

I looked at him lying on the floor, lifeless and pale, I could still smell the alcohol on his breath. I walked forward and picked up the knife, looking at it for a few seconds before wiping it on my sleeve, staining it crimson.

I took it through to the kitchen and began cleaning it as I heard keys in the lock of the front door. My mother walked into the house with a smile on her face, but it faded when I walked out of the kitchen in my hoodie which was soaked in her (newly deceased) boyfriend's blood.

"What happened ? Are you ok ?" She said and lifted my sleeves to examine my arms.

"Yeah I'm fine." She hugged me and sighed.

"You scared me. Wait..." She put her hands on my shoulders and looked directly into my eyes.

"If this isn't yours then where did it come from ?"

I just looked at the ground and sighed.

"Danny, Where did the blood come from ?"

"Just don't go into the next room." I replied and she let go of me, walking directly to the living room.

I followed her and stood in the doorway. When she saw him she gasped, then started to cry. A few seconds later she looked at me and wiped a tear from her eye then laughed a little.

"Oh no, that was a new carpet."


I am unsure whether to leave it here or continue it, because you don't find out his name, why Danny killed him, or why the mother didn't care about it.

If you comment down below on whether you think I should continue or leave it as a oneshot it would be very helpful. Thank you :D