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Story time anyone?

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killjoys-never-die's picture
on July 31, 2014 - 8:45pm

Hello my favorite killjoy family! I've been noticing the deterioration of this site lately, so I thought I'd try to add some life to it by starting something. Pretty much I'll post the beginning of a story and then you post a second chapter and then we'll pass it around until it's done or no one wants to add anymore. First to comment that they want to gets to do the next chapter. Hopefully this will catch on, and if not.. well whatever I'm used to rejection haha. Here it goes :)

Chapter One: Silent Night

The empty hallways were glaring as a single man trudged towards the door, his boots squeaking slightly as he roamed the blatant white tiles. The hall was illuminated solely by the large set of glass double doors, through which a single lamp post shone into the dark abyss of night. The man was short, about 5'4, but he strode past the lockers in the abandoned school as if he were at least three times the size. As he neared the doors, he pushed his shoulder length black hair out of his face, so as to see clearly through the slightly fogged glass. After a short nod, he opened one of the doors and escaped into the night. The last thing you could see as the lamp went off was his bright green jacket as he strode away. For a moment, all was chillingly empty, until the sky lit up into flames as the school exploded and ash rained down onto unlit lamp post...