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Cinderella spin-off: chapter 2

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killjoys-never-die's picture
on September 2, 2014 - 7:47pm

The house was bland, like oatmeal that's been left alone for too long. Nothing stood out about the light hardwood floors or the traditional style decor. Marcus led the way around the prestige white couches and little end tables to a set of carpeted stairs leading into what I assumed to be the second story of the house. Much to my surprise though it lead down an unlit hallway with a single door at the end. The hall smelled stuffy and damp, much opposed to the old fashioned smell which was all over the rest of the house. Marcus opened the plain white door at the end of the hall just as I finished hauling my suitcase up the steps to the second level. And to my great joy, in lied more stairs, these were hardwood and grimy. I sign quietly as I followed the silent couple up the stairs, my beat up bag thwomping behind me. When at long last I reached the top, I realized we were in the attic, complete with hardwood walls and slanted hardwood ceiling, a two small white beds in the far corners, an antique brown dresser next to the small window across from the door, and a petite desk with a bible on it on the left. I felt extremely out of place here, but it was a roof and heating so I put on a mask smile and pulled my bag over to the nearest bed. I didn't understand why there were two beds until several hours later, when I had already unpacked my few dark shirts, two pairs of skinny jeans, sock, underwear, horror movie collection and three band posters (misfits, and two black flag) and was resting on my new bed blasting music in my headphones, content to stay there alone all day. Suddenly, the door opened and a boy walked in. I freaked out because I don't like having my privacy invaded, and apparently he was just as shocked to see me as I was to see him. He had dark hair, a little too short for my liking, thin frame glasses, and plain navy tee shirt. He was carrying a red back pack that was extremely full. He looked and flipped his hair the way guys do when they're trying to look cool, but in his case I think it was just a nervous tic. "Umm.. hi? I'm Matt."
I hope you liked it!! Comment please and let me know what you think :D like/dislike/ideas <3 love you all!! Hope your weeks are going wonderfully