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I can feel the anxiousness of every My Chem fan waiting...
...waiting for them to announce the tour dates o.O

lol well does anyone wanna take a dive and guess the dates? :P

My birthday is 17th February 1997 (idk why you need the year) and I'm praying I'll get tickets to go see MCR! (Which is strange cause I'm not religious... I'm spiritual - I meditate hehe)
I've been a fan of them for years but I've never ever seen them live!
Not even close (evidently it doesn't count if there's a computer screen in the way)

The thing's really expensive.
My dad has been trying to get a job as a teacher for over a year but has been working at a factory ever since we moved to England and it's only on weekends. My mum now does fostering but we're only on the first year so we don't get paid much.

I swear I'm not complaining! xD
We're fine;
We're happy, together - have a roof under our heads and food.
We're more than fortunate.
I know people are much worse off so I never want to complain. It does nothing and one day I want to help those people who HAVE NOTHING.

It's just I've only ever been to 2 concerts.
My first ever one was this year to see McFly and then to see a band called Notion (with about 20 people there max.) hehe xD

I loved them both and I live for concerts! Don't think I am even kidding (read my other blog 'Living for the lights' and you'll understand)
So my birthday wish this year is to be able to see MCR live ^_^
(Actually to be on stage with them would be a dream come true! Or to meet them but that's pushing it I think) :P

I know you're not supposed to tell people your wish but everyone already knows anyway :')
These guys are my idols and my inspirations!
To go see them performing would make my life <3
I think I would really feel reality then and there. The atmosphere at concerts is the most beautiful thing in the world!!
I'm just as happy as my chemical romance to do it for the rest of my life/as long as I want :D <3

Just sharing ^_^
Feel free to discuss

~Pristine xxo

Just wanted to share some Christmas pictures I took and edited :) x