With words I thought I'd never speak

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With words I thought I'd never speak

I thank you for the fun times
The bad times were you picked me up when I fell
I owe you so much yet can only give so little
I thank you so much for everything my chemical romance
I've been shot by your Bullet of music
I've embraced the pain you suffered and turned it into Revenge
I've marched along with my clothes forever Blackend
I've been the happiest gunslinger and rebel to exact Danger all the Days of my life
I've been so happy to be apart of your Weapons of mass destruction

And will forever be yours
I will soldier on and still stand up for you and
I'm not afraid to keep on living, I'm not afraid to walk this world alone!

Forever in the army
The mcrmy,
Exterminator Baby/Cyanide Angel