Lasers and the Desert Sun - Chapter 2

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Lasers and the Desert Sun - Chapter 2

I heard a loud thud as something hit the ground and turned around almost instantaneously to see a BLI thug fall. I looked straight at the boy with brown and blonde hair. 

"Umm thanks, by the way my names is exterminator baby"

"No problem, names Kobra Kid"

I smiled warmly,

"By the way what are your real names? Mines Katelyn"

"Micheal Way is my name but you can call me Mikey"

He smiled ,

"Oh and by the way katelyn this is frank, ray and Gerard, Gees my brother"

He smiled sheepishly at his brother who gave him a 'Fuck you' look which made mikey chuckle.

"Hehe you two do look alike, and hello frank and ray"

I smiled warmly and waved. They both looked up, smiled and went back to looking at a map with Gerard.

"So mikey what do you want to do?"

I smiled at the sight of him staring at me like I was an alien,

"First of all, I wanna make a new coffee because that ones obviously gone"

He pouted at the coffee on the ground. I giggled and noticed there was someone else in the room, just sitting at a table alone and writing. I decided to go over and introduce myself,

"hi I'm exterminator baby"

I smiled as she looked up. God she was beautiful and by the looks she liked guy style more than girl.

"Hi I'm Atomic Ghost"

Wow nice name,

"May I ask your real name is? Mines Katelyn"

"Cherise, Cherise Drake is my name"

She smiled warmly which made my heart beat faster,

"Beautiful name"

"Thanks! I like yours too"

Wow she sounds so nice.

I then knew her and I were gonna be friends or maybe more than that...