With nothing to do before going to bed I thought I'd introduce you guys to Ellie.....

So I'm gonna have to wake up early tomorrow morning to go to a poetry reading thingy (long story on that....) and so I am procrastinating so I don't have to sleep yet (who would've thought I'd ever give up precious minutes of sleep??!?!?!) so here is Ellie (Ellie is the drawing not me...) she's inspired by Tim Burton style of drawing (more or less) and the third picture is of me since I drew her and I decided to come out from behind the drawing on cardboard...(now I never post pictures of myself on here but my hair is some what out of control today...not as bad as it can get thank God! but so I feel like I popped out of Tim Burton's head!) so yea that's me... :P But I like Ellie better! :)

So long and goodnight everyone!,
~Avenging Rose :)