Bitter Fate Poem

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Bitter Fate Poem

Hey guys! So I don't how many of you may or may not like poetry but I wrote this poem last year for a poetry cafe we were doing for my ELA class. Everyone at school was really surprised by it but I've never shared it with anyone other than that day at school so I was just wondering what you guys might think of it! It's a little long I know but it's based on Romeo and Juliet which I had just finished reading so it was an easy topic to write about also my great grandma had just passed away at the time so at the end of the poem when it came to writing about death that came kinda easy too... but hope you guys like it and I'd love feedback cause I've written many other poems and always looking to improve! Thanks! And the name of my poem is Bitter Fate.

Bitter Fate

Sick of the fake smiles and chatter around
My head spins and I wish to fall to the ground
Taking my cascading gown I hide behind the curtain
And I'm alone of that I am certain
Until your delicate fingers fall upon mine
And soon ours are intertwined
I look to find charcoal beads staring into my eyes
And sleek midnight strands you don't see on most guys
You begin a game of saint and pilgrim
I the holy saint you the unholy one
You steal from me kisses
And as you leave I steal glimpses
After darkness envelopes day in her black cloak
I shout "I love you!" only to hear it spoke
"I love you as well and forever I shall!"
And with that "Marry me!" you call
We do and days later fate has been cruel
For I couldn't have been as frightened by not even a ghoul
For the sight that I was forced to awake to was you
There you were as pale and white as the whispering winter snow
And your skin had lost all of her pearly glow
There you lie at my feet an angel on earth
As dead as the burned wood on the now cold hearth
After the waterfall I have created has dried up and gone
I allow death to embrace me and say she has won
So with mind set I shove your blade right through my heart
Because we are one and till death do us part.