'The Broken And Defeated.' *PLEASE Read*

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'The Broken And Defeated.' *PLEASE Read*

That's the name of the song I'm working on. Once I overcame my writers block, got on with the song. Here's what I have so far:
To the broken and defeated
Are you looking down right now?
Are you looking down on this wasted city?
Looking down on this waste of a town?
Watching us sit here and drown in our sorrow.
Watching us dwell on the past.

There are some who're trying to let go.
And they're some who don't know when to stop.

Don't say, don't say that it's over.
Please don't leave me, oh look you left me alone.
Don't say, don't say that you're leaving.
Oh look you left me, looks like you left me alone.
So uncalled for, so unplanned for.
Looks like there's nothing to do, without you.

-Well that's all I have so far. Please tell me what you guys think because I plan on debuting it at an upcoming art show that I'm performing at and I REALLY don't want to make a fool of myself x.x' please, I turn to my Killjoys when I need help so..... Help? Also, I'd like to dedicate this song to Andrew, Danny, and all of the Broken and Defeated. Your memory will carry on<3 Over and out(: *radio dead*
~Toxic Ray-Gun~