"Life with MCR" Season 2: part 23

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"Life with MCR" Season 2: part 23

I ran out the back door. I ran to a tree. I ran and jumped and climbed, ignoring the painful jabs from the branches, until I reached the highest branch that was big enough for me, wrapping my aching arms around the trunk.

And I cried. I sobbed till my sight was blurry, and the night sky was nothing but black and silver mesh.

I wasn’t fully sure why I was crying. I knew that they weren’t going away forever, like I thought Mom had, but the fact they hadn’t told me cut away the new bandages on my wounded heart with a white hot knife.

“I’m such a stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid girl….” I muttered, my face stiff with the drying tears, and
I looked up at the sky, my hands reaching up and undoing the locket around my neck.

I held the locket up to my eye level and watched the moonlight play across its smooth silver surface for a minute, before pinching it open and looking at the picture of Banditta, and the small folded photo in the other side. I gently slide the photo out, so I didn’t rip it, and unfolded it.

It was a photo of me and the guys, taken the day before I was discharged from the Hospital. I was (without any say) in a wheelchair, but thankfully in normal clothes, sitting awkwardly with the guys crowded around me, all of us grinning and acting silly.

Frank was behind me, holding up the rabbit ears, and sticking his tongue out at the camera, while Ray was on my right, his face looking up with his famous grin. Mikey was leaning on the chair on my left, his head turned side ways toward the camera, a simple smile was all we could get him to do (because for some reason, he always had his poker face on if anyone but us and the wives were around). Gerard sat in front of me, his hazel eyes playful and a big child like grin on his crimson framed face, his head on his knees.

To think, this was only 3 days ago and I was already upset, sitting in a tree over 40 feet in the air with dried tear streaks on my face and looking at a picture of us that felt like it was taken months ago.

“Where is she?” I heard Frank’s voice from below me, overflowing with concern. I quickly folded up the photo and slide it back into the locket, then clipping it back around my neck.

“How the hell should I know?!” Mikey replied bitterly. I lowered myself down a branch, and quietly went from branch to branch, getting closer and closer.

“She wouldn’t leave, right?” I recognized Ray’s voice, less then 6 feet below, worried as hell about me. I was on the lowest branch, and I could just make out Mikey blond head in the moonlight.

“She wouldn’t! …Right?” Gerard, my dearest, dearest Gerard, asked, and I imagined his eyes widening with fresh worry, and I kinda smiled. I wrapped my legs around the branch, which was just above the shadowy body of Gerard, and leaned back, hanging upside down behind him.

“Gerard.” I whispered, making him jump and whip around to face me.

“Becki!! Jesus-FUCKING-Christ! Don’t do that!”
I glared at him, his voice flattering as he realized I was still pissed, (which I was.)

“Beck!” Frank and Mikey exclaimed, running over with Ray right behind.

We looked at each other, not saying anything. I took a deep breath and pulled myself up, ignoring their calls. I went up a few branches, then walked out to the tip of one looking out. I looked up at the moon, then down at the grassy lawn. I took a deep breath.

And stepped off.

Sorry it's shorter then normal, but i posted so Acid won't yell at me again :D
Hope you enjoyed it anyways :3
Plus, some funny MCR related things :D. Enjoy.
What does Mikey know? O.O