"Life with MCR" Season 2: part 21

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"Life with MCR" Season 2: part 21

“Becki?” Ray’s voice asked softly, making me open my eyes sleepily.

“Yeah, Daddy?” I’d gotten used to calling him that, and he didn’t seem to mind. He smiled a little.

“Come on, sweetheart. We’re home.” I reached up, still felling sleepy. He picked me up, helping me to my feet. The plane was empty and it was only me and Ray.

“M’kay…” I grabbed my bear and my bag and sleepily stumped out into the bright California light. The salty sweet smell of the ocean woke me up, and I took in the scenery fully. The tall palm trees swaying in the breeze, the sea glittering in the sun like a line of sapphires in the distance. It was warm, though strangely not much like back home, and the sun was bright in the cloudless sky.

I swung my pack onto my shoulders, and smiled before jogging out to where Gerard and the others stood waiting at the end of the terminal. I grinned, running up and without being able to help it; I did a front roll, popping up right in front of Gerard, grinning like a kid.

HUGE mistake.

His eyes widened in surprise, and anger. He looked ready to have a fit, but with a quick look from Frank, he said,

“Just be careful, Becki. We don’t need you in another damned hospital.” I looked down, feeling ashamed. I felt like I was a puppy being scolded after making a mess. (Why do I keep using Dogs and anime as references?!)

Damn it! I need to stop worrying him so much! He’s gonna end up having a heart attack before Bandit was 10 if I kept at it.

“I’m sorry, Gee. I wasn’t thinking.”
He smiled a little, patting my head.

“Come on. Let’s go home.” I nodded, walking silently as we tried to sneak out, though as you might have guessed, there were a good couple dozen MCR fans crowded there, some dressed in killjoy uniforms of there own, others in replicas of the Fabulous Killjoys. I spotted a girl on the edge of the crowd, wearing an almost exact replica of Party Poison’s outfit. Only thing that was missing was the bright yellow raygun.

As soon as a girl, wearing a purple DEAD PEAGASUS jacket and black jeans, spotted Mikey, she shouted,

“Killjoys! Make some noise!” and all of them burst into a really, REALLY creepy unison of “Na Na Na.” I took a deep breath, and pulled my hood up, sliding on my shades. A girl reached out for Gerard’s arm, and I moved in between her out stretched hand and Gerard quicker then you could say “Look Alive Sunshine”. She gave me this surprised look, saying in a tone that made me think she wanted to hit me,

“Who the hell are you?!” Like I was gonna tell her.

“Stay away from Gerard. Ya don’t, I’ll make you.” I gave her a smile before following on Gerard’s heels, and just to piss off the fans, I intertwined my fingers with his. And they all went quiet.

Take that, you creeps.

“Becki? Are you teasing the fans?” He whispered, fighting a smile.


I was SO gonna enjoy that in the future.

“Hey guys! Hurray up! The car’s here!!” We heard Frank call, and we kinda ran/jogged to meet him, leaving the shocked crowd behind.

And what car laid waiting for us?

A freaking LIMO! I gaped at the guys, and they all grinned back at me.

“A LIMO?! You guys are never in a limo, though!”

“Well, we wanted it to be special.” Frank replied, giving me a nouggi before opening the door, and gesturing like a gentleman. “Your chariot awaits, M’lady.”

I rolled my eyes and climbed into the back seat, followed by Ray, Mikey, Gerard and finally Frank. We buckled in and the driver started the car and without any instructions, began driving. I pulled out my sketch pad, and continued working on a special project I’d started after about a week in the hospital. It was gonna be a special present for the guys. It was already done, but I was perfecting it.

“Oh, Becki?” Mikey said, handing me a coke. “We have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” I asked, looking up from my sketch pad, hiding the picture.
Mikey shared a look with Frank and Gerard, while Ray was lost in his game (I still have NO idea what he’s playing, but he seems to really like it).

“You’re …uh… starting SCHOOL next month.”

I froze in shock.

SCHOOL?! Of all things! Wait…

“NEXT MONTH?!” I sat up, knocking my sketch pad down, scattering all the lose papers and pencils. “How long have I been with you guys?! It was the middle of June when we met, then 2 days before the Banshee fiasco, then I was out 3 days after that, another 2 days after that, when we went and that was about a day. Then –wait, how long was I out when we were in the hospital?!”

Gerard answered,

“A week. Plus the 4 days, then the 2 weeks.” He pulled up his knee, crossing it over his leg.
“So if you do the math, we’ve been together for a little over a month. 33 days.”

I leaned down and picked up my papers and pencils, thinking.

“A month…?” I leaned back, nibbling on my finger tip. “A whole month?”

“You okay?” Frank asked, tilting his head.

“Nope!” I grinned, making them laugh. “I can’t believe it! It doesn’t feel like a month!”

“We can’t either!” Mikey said from beside me, demolishing a bag of barbeque chips. I stole a handful, munching absent mindedly as I fought with myself.

Do I give it to them now? It was an anniversary gift, after all. I licked my fingers, and with a deep breath, said,

“Hey guys? I made you something.” Almost instantly, they looked at me, looking like excited little kids. The dorks. Sometimes I wondered if they really were adults.

“What is it???” Gerard asked, and I swear, if he had a tail, it’d be wagging! “What is it???? What is it?????”

I laughed, flipping through the sketch pad until I found it. I took another deep breath before turning it around and showing it to them.

“Aww! Becki!” Gerard said, reaching over and grabbing it, “It’s beautiful!”

“Wow, this is great Beck.” Frank said, looking over Gerard’s shoulder, their red and black hair mingling.
I blushed, bowing my head.

“It’s an anniversary gift.” I smiled. “I was gonna give it to you on my birthday, but I figured this be a better time.”

The picture was the 5 of us, joking around and smiling. It was like a photo, and to tell you the truth, it was a pain in the ass. Trying to work on it when the guys were always there, or when I was being wheeled to an x-ray or something. But I got it done!
In the picture, Frank was tackling Gerard, Ray was sitting on a couch with me, showing me play something on the guitar and Mikey was holding a toaster above his head, looking like he was laughing triumphantly.

“Hey! Look, I didn’t kill that toaster!” Mikey said, laughing. “YES!”

“And that would only happen in a picture, Mikey.” Frank teased him, earning a middle finger from his friend. I rolled my eyes, rolling down the window and feeling the sunlight warm on my skin. The wind swept back my hood, fanning my hair out and whipping it around.

“I think…I’m gonna cut my hair.” I said absently, earning a surprised look from Frank.

“How come? You have really pretty hair.”

“Looks like Frankie’s jealous.” Gerard teased, winking. “Careful. He’ll might steal it after you cut it.” Frank punched his shoulder, and turned back to me as Gerard rubbed his shoulder, laughing.

“Why do you wanna cut it for?”

“I’m just gonna trim it. I never let it below my shoulder blades and it’s getting kinda close.” I took a deep breath, smiling. “And I might have to dye it too. Schools normally don’t let you have “strange or unnatural” colors in your hair.”

“True. Hey! We’re here!!” Gerard said excitedly. I looked out the window and saw a big house. It was 2 story and really nice, white with dark green. I was happy it wasn’t some fancy mansion, and I almost jumped from the car when I saw Bandit and Lyn-z waiting in the door with Cherry, Lily and Jamia.

“Sissy!!!” Bandit called from her mother’s arms, while Jamia and the twins waved, 4 of them grinning, all except Lyn-z. “You and daddy are home!!”

As soon as the car stopped, I pushed the door open and flew over the yard, hugging Jamia.

“Hi, Mai!” I said happily, using the nickname I’d come to use for her.

“Hi Beck!”
She laughed returning my hug while Cherry and Lily pulled at my jacket.

“Becki!! We wanna hug!”

“Yeah!” I laughed, kneeling and hugging them both tightly.

“I missed you guys!” I felt someone poke my shoulder, and I looked back to see Bandit, her hazel eyes turning greenish, and she smiled, tackling me in a hug, making me fall onto the grassy lawn.

“Dog pile on sissy!!” Bandit said, and then I felt Lily and Cherry on top of her. I laughed, calling out,

“Help! I’m being held captive by little monsters!!”

“We’ll save you, Beck!” I heard Frank say, and then the girls were being swept off me, Frank grabbed Lily, Mikey grabbed Cherry, and Gerard picked up Bandit. I scrambled up, and was able to stand for a moment before I felt Ray grab me and twirl me around.

Lyn-z scoffed and went into the house, while Jamia watched us with a happy smile. We chased each other around, us girls being swung around and the guys just being silly.

“Okay! Hey, can we play ‘Killjoy’??” I asked as we collapsed onto the grass, all laughing. Lily, Cherry and Bandit had gone inside, yawning sleepily.

“What’s…’Killjoy’?” Frank asked his breathing heavy.

“We pretend we’re killjoys and we act like we’re getting chased by Korse. Basically, it’s tag. But more fun.”

Gerard looked at Frank, Mikey and Ray, and grinned.
“Not it!”

“Not it!” Ray

“Not it!” I said quickly, jumping away from him.

“Not it!” Mikey.

“Frank’s it!!” Gerard said excitedly, jumping up and running away.

“Damn it!” he said, as we all took off. I ran for a tree, jumping on the bark before grabbing a branch and pulling myself up. I saw Frank take off after Gerard, and I watched from my tree.

“Hey, Becki?” I looked down, a heavy breathing Gerard looking up at me, and I grinned. He had leaves in his hair and a big grin on his face.

“What Poison?” I whispered, using the nick name I had for his alter ego. He smiled, getting it.

“Ivy, could you help me up?” I nodded, reaching down, about to grab his hand when Frank came up behind him and slapped his back, yelling,

“You just got ghosted!” I yanked my hand away, laughing as Gerard cursed and went after Frank, who
was running as fast as his short little legs could go.

“I’m gonna get you, Fun Ghoul!”

“You can try, Party Poison!!”

“Run Ghoul Run!!” I looked to make sure the coast was clear before jumping down, and taking off. I stayed along the edge of the yard, ducking into the shadows every time I saw one of the guys. I watched them go after each other for hours, just hiding and enjoying the show.

“Hey, where’s Ivy?” I heard Gerard/Poison ask, as I peeked from behind a large bush.

The 3 of them were standing there, looking at each other and around, only Mikey/K.K was missing.
Gerard and Frank were drenched in sweat, so much that their shirts were clinging to them, making me imagine them just out of a shower. (Curse you, imagination. Curse you. -//////-‘’)

“Don’t know.” Ray/Jet replied, looking directly at the bush were I was hiding, as if he knew I was there. I moved slightly to the left, and then I heard Mikey from behind me.

“Don’t move.” He whispered, almost inaudible. “He knows you’re there.” I nodded a little, and he grinned. I felt him poke me and say,

“You just got ghosted.” I glared at him, standing up, and walking out angrily. Okay, gotta act normal so they don’t suspect. I stretched, and yawned before walking over to the guys.

“Oh, hey Ivy.” Frank said, smiling.

“Hi.” I grinned, standing beside him. I yawned again. “What time is it?”

“Well, we got here around 2, and it’s almost 5.” He said, looking at his phone. I took a quick step back. Almost … Just then Mikey yelled,

“Guys! She’s it!”
They all looked in surprise, but I’d already hit Frank’s arm, before turning away and taking off.

“You just got ghosted!”

“Damn it! Not again!” Frank cursed. I heard foot falls behind me and I laughed happily, pulling up a bit before changing my direction. I miscalculated, my foot slipping on the grass.


I flew to the ground, hitting it hard, and then someone tripped over me. I rolled a few times, finally stopping beside whoever’d tripped over me. My sides throbbed, and I cursed.


“Becki!” I shakily sat up, looking at Frank, Gerard, and Ray as they rushed over, then over at Mikey, who was sitting up beside me, his glasses broken on the ground, leaves in his hair.


I shook my head, rubbing the back of it.

“You okay, Mikey?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Becki! You okay?” Gerard asked, kneeling beside me. I felt his hand on my back, and while fighting a small blush, nodded.

“I’m fine. Mikey’s the one you should worry about.” I grinned. “He’s not as tough as me. He’ll bruise easier.” Gerard’s worried look disappeared in a smile.

“You’re good. You alright, bro??” He asked, standing up and pulling an embarrassed Mikey to his feet.

“Yeah, I’m shiny.” He muttered his face red. I laughed, standing up. My sides hurt a little, but I wasn’t gonna worry them with some little pain.

I yawned, looking up at the darkening sky, just when I heard Jamia call from inside the house.

“Guys! Becki! Come on, guys! Dinner!” I grinned and with a look between the guys, we started toward the house.

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