"Life with MCR' Part 44

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"Life with MCR' Part 44

When I looked up, I found myself outside Link's house.


I was suddenly on the porch, pounding on the door with all the strength I had left, until it was answered by a squat woman in a maid uniform.

"Yes? May I help you, mija?"

"Is Link home...?" I asked quietly, my entire body shaking. "I really need...to see him...Tell him it's Becki..."

The woman looked uncertain, but she nodded, closing the door, leaving me alone again. I slumped against the house, letting my broken body slip into the grass. My eyes closed, and I wanted almost nothing more then to go to sleep.

I heard people talking inside, and then I heard him say my name softly, a hand touching my face.

"Becki? Baby, what happened to you?"

I opened my eyes weakly, and the tears were falling again.


He was wearing a black shirt and jeans, his green eyes overflowing with worry. His eyes widened at the tears, and he didn't hesitate to pull me into his arms, picking me up easily as if I was just a little kid.

I sobbed into his neck as he carried me inside, and upstairs, and into a room. He sat me down on a bed, kneeling infrount of me.

"Becki? Becki, what happend?"

I couldn't speak. My voice had disappeared and even though Link waited quietly, I didn't know what to say...


"...Fight..." I said quietly, my voice coarse and sore. "Gerard.."

Link's eyes widened in disbelief.

"You had a fight with him? About what-"

"Link? Mijo?" A voice thick with a Southeren accenet called, and a shortish man with darkly tanned skin, and pepper and salt hair and mustach. I flinched, moving so I was able to wrap my arms around Link and hide my face in his shirt.

"It's alright Papa." He said, wrapping his arms around me. "This is Becki."

I peeked out of Link's hair, and saw the man, Link's adopted father, was smiling a little. He walked over, sitting on the bed.

"Ah, so this it girl who you took to that fiesta at you're school, si?"

Link nods.

"Well, what happend that she came running here?"

"...I had a fight...with my adopted father..." I said queitly, my arms tightening as my voice caught. "I-I didn't know where else to go..."

"Is it alright if she stays for the night, Papa?" Link asked, his arms tightening around me, and I clung to him, feeling on the verge of tears again.

Link's father was silent for a few minutes, I guess he was thinking about it.

"...Well...Alright, Mijo. Just the night. We'll take her home tommorow."

"Thanks, Dad..." He said. Link's dad chuckled, patting Link's head and squeezing my shoulder before walking out of the room and closing the door.

As I heard it click softly, I let my tears fall, Link picking me back up and setting me on the bed. I let go of him, falling sideways and curling into a ball, sobbing into my knees.

I hated crying so much....But no matter how hard I tried to make them stop, they just kept coming.

"Becki...Babe..."He was suddenly laying down beside me on the bed, his hands holding my face. I gulped in breath, forcing myself to look up, tear ridden eyes meeting worried green ones. "...Don't cry anymore...Okay?"

I hiccuped, swallowing the remaining tears, my throat aching even more.

He smiled, reaching forward and brushing my hair from my face, his entire self freezing suddenly.


"....You didn't say...he hit you..." He growled, and I flinched, looking down.

"...He didn't hit me hard...It barely hurt..." I lied, shivering as I remebered it. Like someone had whacked me across the face with a red hot iron poker, and pressing it there for 20 minutes.

Link's face softened, and he caressed my brusied cheek gently, his cool skin helping deaf the flame. I snuggled over to him, my eyes closing.


"Yeah?" He asks, hugging me to him. I press myself as close to him as I can, before whispering.

"...Sing to me?" I murmurered, focusing on nothing but his breathing, inhaling his homey earth smell until it was imprinted into my mind.

He kissed my cheek, temple and eyes, before singing into my ear softly.

"...Watch the snow fall on our windowpane, and realize...it'll never be the same. We'll walk together on New Years Eve, watching the last stars from behind the clouds..."

I felt myself relax, and I listened to his voice. It was so...sweet and soft and I could imagin him singing to thousands on a stage.

"I just...wanted you to know....That I love you...and I'll love you till the end of time...No matter what comes our way...I'll stay with you...until you send me away..."

I froze and tightened my arms around him. That thought horrified me, and I said.

"Don't leave me...Ever...."

"Never...As long as you need me, Becki...I will stay with you."

I looked up at him, and he kisses me softly. It's more like a butterfly landed on my lips then a normal kiss. I pull away, and burry my face in his neck and slip into the welcoming numb relam of sleep.

I want to forget the waking world, just for a little while...


Somewhere on the Other side of town.

A boy stands in his restroom, shaggy brown hair hanging over glacier blue eyes. He smiles to himself, before he begins washing the hair coloring out of his hair, the brown slowly becoming a light sun bleached blonde.

"Frank!" He heard his father call from downstairs. "I'm back!"

"I'm in the restroom, Dad!" He calls back, the remains of the brown washing down the drain as he walks out, asking as he heads down.

"So, how did Becki and the other's like the dance?"

"According to what I heard, some kid crashed the Pumpkin King and Queen elections. Dressed as the Phantom of the Opera."

Frank smirks, glacing to his room, where a white half face mask lay on a red lined cape spread out on his bed.

"Oh, really? That's interesting."


I couldn't sleep, even though I was extremly tired with everything that'd happened today.

Becki was sleeping fitfully beside me, her arms around me so tightly that it almost hurt, but I didn't care.

Hatred and rage boiled inside me and for the first time in a very long time, I wanted to hurt something, to hurt someone.

I wanted to hurt Gerard Way like he'd hurt my Becki...

I heard Becki mutter in her sleep, then, to my horror, a tear ran down her bruised cheek. I leaned down and kissed it away, whispering in her ear.

"It's nothing but a dream...It's nothing but a stupid nightmare."

"No...No...P-Please... Gerard...no...Leave...I...love.."

She continued to silently cry, her beautiful face covered in such sadness my heart ached.
Unable to stand it, I shook her gently.

"Becki...Baby, wake up."

She jumped awake immediatly, quickly wiping her face as she looked around with afraid chocolate eyes.

"Wha-What? Where..." She freezes, as if remembering what had happened. I gently held her hand, pulling a blanket over her.


"...I need to go, Link." She said suddenly, sitting up and going to get off the bed. "I need to go home and sort this all out."

"I-It's the middle of the night, B. Shouldn't you wait-"

She shakes her head, opening the door and heading downstairs.

"No, I need to go now. If I wait any longer, it'll just make everything worse."

I ran after her, and she stopped just outside the door.

"...Thanks Link..." She turned back and smiled at me. I get a strange feeling in my heart, and I take a step forward, just as she did too. Our lips come together gently, and after what didn't even feel like a second, she pulled away, whispering.

"...I'll see you." She turned and walked out of the house, disappearing into the night, never once looking back.

I stood in the doorway, and I had a very bad feeling...

Like that was a goodbye. Like I wasn't going to see her again...


I walked briskly down the street, wiping my face as fresh tears slipped down my face.

"I'm sorry, Link...I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...."

The night was still young, and it held a chill to it. I kept going until I reached the driveway, not hesitating until just outside the house, even though I knew I was going through with it. I snuck up to the door, pushing it open quietly.

The house was dark, but I could hear snoring from the living room. I knew it was Mikey, and as
I peeked in, seeing Ray, Frank and Mikey all snoring on the couches and floor.

I felt new tears well in my eyes, and I bite my lip,and I pressed a hand to my lips and blew them all a kiss.

...I love you all...So, so much...

I headed upstairs, walking with silent steps to my room. I pulled out my duffel bag from under the bed, quickly shoving in my jeans, a few shirts, pulling on a hoodie and leather jacket.

I also pack my bear, sketch pad and pencils, and whatever money I had in my piggy bank. Only $30 dollars...It wouldn't last long but it'd be enough.

I scrawl out a note, tears littering it. I seal it in an envelope and kiss it, signing it to Gerard, Ray,
Frank, Mikey and everyone else.

I was heading for the door when I stopped, looking at the wall, a picture of me and my family there, all of us smiling back at me. I reached up and plucked it down, shoving it into my bag.

I was half way down the stairs when I heard a soft voice say.

"...Sissy? Sissy, where are you going?"

I feel my blood freeze, and I stop, looking back at Bandit.

Her hair was messy and her eyes wide, her pajamas hanging off her loosely.

"Hi, sweetie." I smiled at her, keeping my voice low, as I hid my bag from her sight. "What are you doing up so late?"

"I woke up again...And I don't think I want to bother Mommy and Daddy right now. I thought I could hear Daddy crying earlier but I'm not sure."

My heart hurt for Gerard for a second before I decided it wasn't rational to feel bad for the man who'd destroyed your heart.

I reached down and scooped her up, carrying her to her room, which was between mine and her parents.

The walls were covered in pictures she'd made, as well as shelves of stuffed animals and dolls.
Her little bed was beside the window, and as I sat her down, I said.

"Bandit...I'm gonna be going away for a little while, okay?"

Her eyes widened, and she asked.

"Where are you going, Sissy?!"

I shushed her, before saying.

"I have to go back where I came from, okay? But I wanna give you something, to remember me...until I get back." I added quickly, seeing her eyes sadden for a second.

"What is it?"

I slowly reached up, undoing the chain to my locket. She held her hair up as I fastened it around her little neck.

"This is the pretty necklace Sissy always wears..." I nod, as she looks down at it. "I'll take good care of it, Sissy. I promise."

I hand her the letter too.

"Give this to your daddy when you get up later, okay?

"Okay Sissy."

"Okay, bed time, baby girl."

She lays down, and I smile, keeping tears at bay as I leaned down and kissed her forhead, as her little eyes fluttered shut like butterfly wings.

I pulled her ladybug blanket up, before standing and walking to the door. Just at the door, I heard her little voice say just loud enough for me to hear it, like a tree whispering to the wind.

"...I love you Sissy..."

I felt the tears escape, but kept my voice strong as I replied.

"...I love you too, sweetie. I love you very, very much..."

I waited until I heard her familar soft snoring, before heading back to the stairs, grabbing my bag and with one last look towards upstairs and the living room, I walked out of the house, and as the sun began to raise out of the clouds, I knew that there was a high chance I'd never see any of them again.

I'd made my desision. I was leaving...and never coming home.