"Life with MCR' Part 38!!

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"Life with MCR' Part 38!!

I stopped, and groaned. Link and the others skid to a halt, watching me. I sighed, motioning to them.

"Go ahead. I'll be there in a bit."

"Are you sure, B?" Link sounded uncertain. "We can wait a few minutes. It probably won't take long."

"No, no." I smiled. "I'll be right down. It's okay." I reached over and poked him in the forhead. "Besides, I doubt anyone's stupid enough to try and jump me, anyways. They'll get their asses kicked."

He still looked uncertain as he turned to leave, but not before sneaking a kiss on my head.

"Hurry. Don't do anything stupid. I don't like this."

Frank glared, but just went down the stairs, tugging a giggling Nat along with him.

I nodded.

"It'll be fine."

I smiled as he waved, jogging down the stairs after the others.

I turned back and walked up to Mrs. Daugtherly's desk.

The 76 year old teacher was shuffling her papers before looking up and giving me with a forced smile.

"Ah, umm...." I sighed, brushing my bangs back.

Not again.

"It's Becki, Mrs. You can remember my last name, but not my first? Is it really that hard?"
She looked flusttered, avoiding my eyes for a few minutes, until I sighed.

"If you're done wasteing my time, I need to go to class." I turned to leave when she said.

"I've heard some...talk, Miss. Way." I stopped, turned around and looked at her.

"About what?"

"Just that...you've been doing some bad things. Hanging around bad people and doing things a young girl shouldn't be doing..."

"And who is this 'informat' of yours, Mrs.?" I narrowed my eyes and crossed my arms. I had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind, just as she said.

"Amanda Hazelwood."

"That bitch!"

She looked at me in surprise, but before she could say anything, I swung my bag on my shoulder and jetted out of the room and downstairs.

I stopped just outside the doors, feeling the sun of my face as I tried to calm down. I pulled my hair from it's ponytail and let the wind take it, making it dance in the warm breeze.

I...HATE her so much! And I don't hate people...often!

Just breath...It's noting but the Witch trying to get to you...

I sighed, pushing my bangs back, and turning toward the auditorium.

If you're wondering about the Romeo and Juliet try-outs, we all got a part. I'm Lady Capulet, Link's Lord Capulet, and Frank and Nat...are Romeo and Juliet (much to Frank's horror)!

Jesse, who turns out to have this class too, is Paris. The twins got signed on to help with music and background design.

I smiled a little, pushing my 'I'm gonna kill Amanda Hazelwood' feelings away, as I walked through the doors and down the hall.

The stage was alive as kids bustled this way and that with paint, props and half made costumes. I spotted my blonde friends sitting on the edge of the stage, scripts open as they practiced.

I walked over and laughed at their embarressed expressions as they tried to practice their lines.

"If I profane with my unworthiest hand, This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this:
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand, To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss."

Frank's voice, though his face was red with embrresment and he looked ready to faint, was calm and steady, it going over the words gently and with a rythm.

That was why he got Romeo, because of how his voice seemed to bring such simple words to life.

Well, that and the fact he already knew most his lines.

Nat smiled at Frank shyly, as she said in a very unlike Nat voice,

"Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much, Which mannerly devotion shows in this;
For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch,
And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss."

Her cheeks went pink, and then they both seemed to notice me.

"O-Oh, hey Beck." Frank muttered, putting the script down as I jumped up beside them. "So, I'm gonna take a guess and say you didn't get jumped and no guys are on their way to a hospital?"

I grinned, leaning back on my hands and sighing. I heard Madam Tshilaba calling for someone in
the back noise, and I ended up laying on my back, Frank and Nat looking down at me.

"Unfortunetly. I'm in a fighting mood, to be honest with you."

"Why? What happend?"

"Our favorite blonde wench is spreading rumors about me."

Frank's grey-blue eyes shown michiviously, and I immediatly sat up again, looking at him, a smile popping onto my face.

I know that look!

"Really?" He hopped down, and shrugged as he turned and faced me.

"Sure. Why not? Madam Tshilaba's preoccupied, so I doubt she'll even notice."

I grinned, hopping down and facing him.

"I was in the mood for a 'Samuari' kind of thing. You?"

We started circling each other, and I could see Nat watching us from the corner of my eye, her face like 'WTH are they doing!?'.

"I was hoping for 'Taijutsu' but I guess I'll have to wait till you're leg's better." He grabbed 2 sword props, tossing me one while he started flipping the other around, like he did everytime we did this.

If you're wondering what 'this' is, remember earlier? I said Frank's been sparring with me? This is just another one of them. I've been helping my street fighter cousin learn some stuff.

Our score is currently 12-14. I'm ahead by 2 points!

"Guys? What are you doing? Please tell me you're not-"

We suddeny sprung at each other, the swords ringing out as they clashed together. All the comotion in the auditorium actually seemed to rise, but me and Frank paid them no mind.

We jumped away from each other, and then lunged back again, the swords giving out a metallic schreech. My arm muscles tensed, still getting used to the higher strength level Frank had.

God this is great!

I let my sword fall as I did a back flip, rolling up and stopping in a crouch before raising an eyebrow in challenge.

"Well? Is that all...Bryar?"

He grinned, grabbing a prop dagger from the box and throwing it at me.

"Not even close!" I felt adrenaline rush through my veins as I ran forward to meet the dagger.


I grabbed the blade mid air, whipping around and sending it back at him. He raised his sword just in time to deflect it, and it flew off and hit the wall behind him.

I stopped for a second, breathing deeply before using one of the chairs to catapult myself onto the stage. Frank smiled, heading for the steps.

I tried to stand, but to my horror, my leg gave out, and I looked up just in time to see Frank bringing his sword down on me.

Looks like he wins again-

"Whoa!!" I saw a flash of black, and suddenly Link was standing over me, his own sword blocking

Frank's as his eyes narrowed in anger. He pushed Frank back, making the blonde hit the brick wall.

"What the HELL are you doing, Bryar?!" Link growled, letting his sword drop to his side, though his grip on the handle tightened.

Frank's eyes turned icey cold, and the atmosphere went from playful competition to 'You're so dead' as they went face to face.

"What we were doing is none of your concern, Morales. So back the fuck off!" Frank pushed Link, but the slightly shorter boy barely budged.

I sat watching them, suddenly realizeing how different they were from each other.

Frank was broad shouldered, fair haired and had pretty grey blue eyes, like a stormy ocean when he was angry, or like cool and calm waters when he was happy.

Right now, they were like the sea during a hurricane.

While Link was slender, with his dark hair and multi shade green eyes, usually so warm, though now they looked like broken jade, shattered with anger.

Equal in strength, but...

I suddenly realized.

But, if these 2 get in a fight...they'll kill each other!

"Link!" I said suddenly, jumping up and pulling his arm, trying to get him away from Frank. "Stop! It's okay!"

No! No way in all the 7 pits of hell was I going to let my best friend/? and my cousin get into a fight over a game!

"She's right! Frankie, calm down!" I saw Nat scramble to her feet, her blue eyes wide as she grabbed Frank's arm. He looked at her, and I saw his anger almost immediatly disappear as his eyes met hers.

"It's okay, Frankie...It's okay..." She said softly, looking up at him with determanation in her eyes.
Link was about to say something when I grabbed his face, making him look at me.

"Link...Link, calm down...It's okay...We were just playing."

His eyes slowly changed from shattered jade to a soft liquid green. He was back.

I heard the clatter as both he and Frank dropped their swords, as Link put his hand on mine, pressing his face into my palm. His shoulders slumped, and I almost expected him to collapse.

"I...I'm sorry...The twins said they saw you and Frank fighting...I just reacted." He blushed, his eyes avoiding mine. "I guess when I thought about someone trying to hurt you...I flipped."

Despite the fear I'd felt, I smiled, rolling my eyes.

"Link. You should know better then anyone that if we were really fighting, Frank'd be back on his ass right now."

Link looked up at me and after a second, laughed, reaching up to push his bangs back.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"As if!" Frank was back to normal, his tone teasing as he walked over, his hands in his pockets. "I've beaten you 12 out of 26 times!"

I cocked an eyebrow at him, putting a hand on my hip. The atmosphere was playful again, and I knew that any danger had passed.

Good. No more drama...for now.

"Those weren't real fights. Those were sparring matches. If we ever have a real fight, you're getting knocked out, kid."

He laughed, nodding a bit before turning to Link. His eyes were calm and matureish, and to my surprise he said.

"You have a good block. Have you had training before?"

Link grinned, nodding.

"Yeah. My old man had me do all this training cuz he thinks I'll need it someday. Matrial Arts, fencing, archery, etc. I've even got a good aim when it comes to slingshots and stuff like that. What about you?"

Frank leaned back against the wall, sliding down. Nat sat beside him, and me and Link did too. The rest of the auditorium seemed to fade away, until it seemed it was just the four of us.

"I'm more of a street fighter to be truthful. I didn't pick up sword fighting till I met Beck."

I couldn't help but smile. This is the first time Frank's talked to him all week that didn't include Frank being pissed.

"What about you, B?" Link looked at me, smiling. "I know you were either raised by a ninja or you where raised by ALOT of ninja."

I laughed, punching his shoulder playfully.

"You sound like one of my adopted Dads. He told me the same thing once." I leaned back on my hands, looking out at the auditoriums empty seats for a second before replying.

"But in fact, my birth father was a Special Ops. I inherited my fighting style from him. As for the knife throwing and anything else that deals with blades, I picked that up at my old fight club."

"Fight Club? I can imagen." Frank teased, pulling his legs up and putting his arms on them. "I'm gonna guess you were the only girl, right?"

"That, and I was the first girl to ever be named Champion."

Link laughed.

"All those guys must've been pissed cuz they got beat by a girl, huh?"

"Hell yeah! I was able to hold on to that sucker for 2 years before I quit and was sworn to secrecy by the Organazation." I added in a serious tone. "So I can't tell you anything."

"Wait, what!?" I looked at Nat, who was staring at me in utter disbelief. "Becki, you're adopted!?"

I chuckled nervously, scratching my head.

Oops. ^^' Cat's out of the bag.

"Uhh....yeah. I am."

"Why didn't you tell me!? Am I the only one who didn't know!?"

"Umm...Yeah. Frank's known the entire time, and Link found out during our weekend adventure."

Her mouth fell open, and the others avoided her eyes and scratched their heads. She crossed her arms over her little chest, and asked, pouting.

"And when were you planning on telling me, Becki Way?"

"When it came up...or when you guys meet my dads, I guess."

Now Link was looking at me cuiously.

"'Dads'? You have more then one dad?" He tilted his head, getting the cutest confused look on his face. "Did you get adopted by a gay couple or something?"

"No, no! They're all married, they have wives and everything, but..." I reached up and felt my locket, which was tucked protectively under my jacket, feeling a smile come to my lips.

"When they met me...they all wanted to adopt me...So, the 4 of them have joint custody. I'm the first girl in history from that to ever happen too, now that I think about it..."

Link's eyes softened with understanding, while Nat's flared with curiousity. Frank was looking at me, his eyes knowing.

You'll have to tell them eventually... They said.

But it can wait.

"They must really love you then, B..." Link leaned against my shoulder and I nodded.

"Yeah." I let my hand fall from my locket. "I guess they do. But They're not here right now."

"Where are they-?" Nat began to ask when Hannah, who'd gotten placed in Costume Department, came rushing over holding what looked like a half finished dress in her arms.

"Nat! I need you for dress fittings!"

Before Nat could reply, Hannah had grabbed her arm and dragged her off toward the dressing rooms.

I laughed, looking after them.

"Bye Nat!"

"Frank!" We all looked up as Nate came over, his blonde hair troused and sticking up in little spikes, he himself holding a half made costume.

"Lex said he needs you for fittings!" He grabbed Frank's arm, dragging the larger boy up and the oppisite way Nat and Hannah had gone.

I looked after them, before turning to Link. We looked at each other for a minute before we both busted out laughing.

"Wow." Link smiled, moving his bangs from his face and looking at me. "Who'd would've thought they'd both be needed for fittings at the same time, huh?"

I smiled, shrugging my shoulders.

"Maybe everyone here's conspiring against them." ^^

Link shrugged, leaning on the wall and scrathing his head.


To be continued.
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