"Life with MCR" part 17

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"Life with MCR" part 17

We walked into my room, and my mother and a woman in a dark grey suit sat talking bye the window. The woman looked up and glared at me with hard stone grey eyes that matched her graying hair. I stopped and met her hard gaze, and after a moment, she looked away. She nodded at my mother, and they stood and walked out the room.

I smiled to myself, and made my way to the bed. I was about to climb up when I felt someone pick me up carefully and lay me down. I blushed and saw it was Frank. I hit him in the arm, my ears burning.

“Was that necessary?” I asked , pouting. He laughed, rubbing his arm and said,

“Yup. Now, you stay here with Gerard and Mikey while me and Ray try to find the Doctor so we can find out what you can eat.” I rolled my eyes, but muttered an “okay.”
He smiled, kissing my head before him and Ray walked out. I yawned, and looked at Gerard and Mikey, who both sat on either side of the bed, Mikey playing something on his bass and Gerard doodling in a drawing pad. I looked over his shoulder, and saw he was designing an outfit. Curious, I leaned in for a closer look.

It was a long sleeved shit, midnight blue with black cuffs and 2 black stripes on each arm, with a black leather vest, the front covered in buckles, silver, the collar rising up to just below the chin. The pants were sleek and dark grey, with three pockets on each side, clinging to the model, but ending just below the shin, the rest covered with high top army boots, a bright red bandanna tied on the models upper left thigh, and a gun holster strapped to the right. A mask covered part of the face, navy blue with 4 white triangles over each eye, a black X in the center, and 3 lighter blue circles, on in the center, and 1 on each side if the face.
It’s a Killjoy outfit. But for who?

Gerard looked over at me and smiled,

“You like it??” he asked.

“Yeah. Who’s it for?” he rolled his eyes, and replied in a matter-of-fact tone,

“It’s for you, silly.” He smiled. “I thought’d you like one, so I decided to design one for you. Oh, I have a question.”

I smiled at him and said,

“Well, I do like it and what’d you wanna ask?”

“Do you have a Killjoy name?” I blushed, but nodded.

“Well…? And said name is?”

“Blue Poison Ivy.” He looked at me, his head tilted in curiosity.

“How’d you come up with that? I like it, it’s very original, but I’m overly curious as usual.”
I chuckled and said,

“Well, Blue is my favorite color, and the first part of my last name, and Ivy because it’s my favorite plant and the last part of my name.”

“What about the “Poison” part?” Mikey asked, tilting his head just like Gerard, looking so much like his brother for a minute. I hesitated, and then answered quickly, wanting to get it over with.

“To honor Party Poison!” Gerard’s eyes widened, but his mouth spread into a large childish grin. “Cuz he’s my favorite killjoy of the four of you. And cuz you died first in the video.” I rambled, my entire face red.

“Well, I’m honored.” Gerard said, winking at me. I felt my ears burn, and I looked away from him, trying to ignore Mikey’s barely suppressed snickers.
Shut up! I wanted to tell him, but I pretended to not care.

“Honey! We’re home!” Frank called, walking in with a big grin and a food tray, Ray just behind him with a tray of coffee cups. I smiled, my stomach growling in anticipation.

“Finally! I’m starving!” I said, as he set the food on the hostiptal table. I opened the Styrofoam box and found chicken broth, some crackers, and jell-o.

Even though I knew it wouldn’t fill me up, I didn’t care. I dug into the soup, and was surprised at how good it was. I dunked the crackers in the broth, and after they softened, swallowed them down. Not even 5 minutes, and I’d eaten half of it.

“Whoa! Slow down, Beck!” Frank said jokingly, sitting in a seat beside Gerard, who was working on my killjoy outfit with a coffee cup in one hand. “We may be in a hospital, but that doesn’t mean you can choke yourself.” I rolled my eyes, but slowed down a little, savoring it. Savoring the moment, Ray and Mikey playing in unison on their instruments, Frank trying to see what Gerard was drawing over his shoulder though he hide the picture from sight.

“Gerard! Let me see!”

“No! It’s a surprise!”

I sighed, rolling my eyes, but I felt content. I hoped more of these moments would follow soon.
Just as I had finished my first meal in 3 days, with more teasing from Mikey about Gerard and Frank about me having a bigger appetite then a starving horse, my mother and the woman in grey walked back in.

“Becki?” My mother asked, holding a handful of papers. “It’s time.” I sat up, and the guys walked over to her, and the lady in grey handed them a pen.

“Signing this means you are fully responsible for young Becki. And anything that happens to her is to be said as your fault.” The guys nodded, and one by one used their signature on the bottom of the page. Ray, who signed last, handed me the pen.

“Are you sure, Becki?” my mother asked, clearly hoping I’d change my mind. I smiled at her, and nodded. I did my signature and the lady in grey took the papers, her mouth a hard line.

“You’re last name will be legally changed to Way, and you are now their daughter officially. Good bye, I’ll be in contact with you.” She turned and walked out without another word. Mother looked at me, on the verge of tears, and smiled sadly. She undid a chain around her neck, and pulled it up, a small heart shaped locket hanging from the thin silver chain, and then a small folded up piece of paper.
She laid the locket and the note on the bed, and without a word, turned and walked out. Frank closed the door as I reached for the locket and paper. I pinched open the locket and then unfolded the note. I read it, then reread it.

“What is it, Beck?” Mikey asked, looking over my shoulder, his mouth turning into a frown.

“What is it, sweetheart?” Frank asked, his grin falling at the sight of my sad face. I turned the locket around in my hand slowly, and Frank, Ray and Gerard all leaned in for a closer look.
Inside the small locket was a picture of a baby Banditta, wrapped in a pale green blanket. And on the other was a picture of her other daughter, Belle, wrapped in a pale yellow blanket. I felt tears well in my eyes as I tossed the note to the bed, and covered my face, feeling the hot tears run down in rivers.

Gerard picked the note up, and read it out loud, his voice not softening the pain.

“To Becki,

When you read this, you’ll be old enough to understand why I gave you up. I couldn’t support you, and your father was no help. I cared for you, and I’d decided to give you 4 years before handing you over to CPS. But then your sister was born. I loved Banditta, more then I loved your father, more then you, my first born.

I never felt much affection towards you, mostly for being your fathers double, and for that, I’m sorry. I hope you can understand this, and that you won’t resent me.

When you turned 9, and your sister birthday was coming, I felt that the 3 of us could make it, if we stayed together. I came to love you, though Banditta was the owner of that part in my heart. Then came that warm sunny day in April when she was killed by your father, and I was left with you. I came to hate you and saw your father every time I looked at you.

I hope you can forgive me. And I can see now, that you aren’t your father, but Becki Ayasha Blue Ivy, the young talented Native American girl who has her father’s skills and has been misjudged by so many, even her own mother. I hope you can forgive me someday.

Gerard stopped, and looked at me, his eyes unreadable.

“Becki…” Ray said quietly, placing a hand on my shoulder. I wiped my face off, forcing a smile.

“I guess that explains why she left, doesn’t it?” I forced a laugh. Mikey looked at me, and hugged my shoulders.

“What a bitch!” Frank said, his hands curling into fists. “How can a mother feel that way towards her own child!?” he looked pissed, and I frowned.

“It’s okay, Frank.” I said, picking the locket up, and pulling out the picture of Belle, throwing it away. I looked down at the picture of Banditta before closing it and slipping the necklace around my neck.

“I’ll be fine.” I grinned at them, even though my heart was still heavy.
“I have you guys!”

Gerard, Frank Mikey and Ray smiled, Gerard saying,

“Yeah you do.”

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