"Life with MCR" part 13

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"Life with MCR" part 13

I pulled a duffel bag from under the bed, and we began pulling posters down. I chuckled, looking down at one of my many MCR pictures.

“What?” Gerard asked, looking up as he rolled my Gahndi poster up.
I held it up. It was a band picture, even Bob was on it. Gerard smiled, before taking down my Danger Days Picture of them sitting in front of the car with Grace, all smiling.

I squatted painfully and pulled out a small black box from under my bed, wrapped it in my bed sheet before placing it on the bed.

“What’s that?” Frank asked, walking in with a trash bag of clothes.
I smiled, and after burring the box in the bag, I pulled my last picture down, before answering him.

“Pictures of Banditta and…my mom.” Gerard helped me stand again while Frank grabbed my bag, and with one last look at my now bare room, we left and walked down stairs to were Mikey and Ray stood waiting. Gerard passed me to Ray and we down to the first floor.
My dad’s truck was a Ford, dark blue and covered in army stickers. Ray placed me in the back seat with Frank and Mikey, while he climbed up front with Gerard, who was looking for the keys.

“They’re under the seat, Gee.” I muttered. He quickly dug them out and after a moment, the truck roared to life. He put the truck in drive, and looked back at me.

“Where’s the exit? Becki. Where’s the way out?” I coughed, moving closer to Mikey.

“Follow… around until you find the old shipping outting in the back. Careful going down the ramp, then just drive forward.”

“Into the fence?”

I nodded, then leaned back carefully, my sides flaming, but I didn’t utter a sound, not wanting to worry them more. Frank reached across me, doing my seat belt before clicking his own into place. Gerard let out a heavy sigh, and with another roar, began driving to the opening, and far away from this damned town.

“Becki?” Mikey asked from my left, his usually cheerful voice strained.


“Are you alright? You’re pale as a sheet.” I looked at him, and he was holding a small mirror up. I realized he was right. My skin looked as white as milk.

“And you’re shaking, Beck.” Frank said from my other side. I realized they were both right. My arms were shaking violently, and I was taking deep shuddering breaths.

“I’…” I felt my head spin crazily “ I’m fine.” I pulled my jacket closer around me, suddenly cold. Frank looked at Mikey, and after a long look between them, Frank pulled me to him and hugged me, his arms warming me slightly.

“Don’t go to sleep again, Beck.” Frank said softly, as Gerard said from the front

“Hold on. Here we go.” I looked out the window, and watched the early red dawn sky begin to slowly fade into the perfect shade of blue. And Gerard hit the fence. We jerked forward, and I felt Frank’s arms compress my sides, holding me in place, but making me cry out in pain.

“Becki! You alright?!” Gerard asked franticly, stopping as soon as we cleared the fence.

“Y…Yeah. Frankie just squeezed a bit too hard.” I forced a laugh, and I saw Gerard’s eyes soften a little. “Now let’s get the hell out of this fucking place.”

Gerard nodded, and we roared down main street, past Grandma’s shop, Grandfather’s house, Mr. Smith’s, and we kept driving until all we saw were fields, and the early morning sky, dotted with clouds and the occasional bird.

We drove for almost a whole hour before Gerard pulled over. I had been in the back, dozing off in Frank’s arms when Gerard shook my shoulder gently.


“Yeah, Gee?” I asked rubbing my eyes, wiping away surrpressed tears. I had been fighting the pain the entire time, but I never uttered a sound.

“Where’s the nearest town?”

“Uh… I think there’s a state map in the glove compartment.” Ray popped it open, and after brushing away a spider, opened the map and study it.

“Well, here’s the hell hole we just left.” He said, pointing to a small dot that represented my old home, “So, we must be somewhere over here.” He followed the road out of town to where it rested in the middle of nowhere.

“Where’s the closetst city?” Frank asked, his voice slightly muffled, his head resting slightly in my hair. Gerard studied the map for a few minutes, then with a heavy sigh, replied.

“About a 2 hour drive from here. Fuck.” He dropped his head to his hands, as did Mikey.

“We gotta get there now.” Ray said, facing to the front again.
I looked at them, each face sad and tired. I hated it. I straigtened up, to Frank alarm, and, ignoring the fresh pain in my sides, I lifted Gerard’s head up. I hated worrying them. I hated making them stress so much for me.

“Gerard. Start driving.” His hazel eyes widened, but I don’t know what it was, but just he nodded and right before he turned around, he kissed my forehead gently.

“You’re gonna be fine, Becki.” He whispered, almost inaudible, and without another word, he turned around and put the truck in drive and began speeding down the road.

I lasted about 20 minutes before I asked Ray to out something on the radio, anything to break the cemetery silence that hung over us.

“Anything in particular, Beck?” He asked, going through an old thing of CDs.

“Um… How about….. Danger Days?” he smiled at me, and after finding it, Dr. D’s voice filled the truck’s cab. And I could see all of them smile a little.

“What’s your favorite song, Becki?” Mikey asked, as SING started, and I couldn’t help singing along with it.

“um… I have a lot of favorites, Mikey. You gotta be more specific.” I smiled at him, and he chuckled.

“Okay, from Danger Days, then. Which song was your favorite?” I thought a minute, singing along quietly.

“Um… I’d have to say “SING”, “Na Na Na” “The Only Hope For Me is you”, “Save yourself, I’ll Hold them Back”, but I absolutely love “Vampire Money.”

Frank looked at me, his eyes curious.

“How come?”

“Well, it’s fun to sing with and it’s a lot of fun to dance to, but it’s mostly cuz of the reason I heard you guys wrote it for.”

“Which was…” Mikey pressed, pulling a blanket out of nowhere and throwing it on me. I pulled it around me, and paused before answering with a childish grin.

“Well, I heard you guys wrote it cuz you were asked to write a song for “Twilight”, but you said no. So you guys wrote Vampire Money as a way to make fun of it.” Frank grinned, and Gerard and Ray chuckled. I smiled and said,


“I’m guessing you’re not a “Twilight” fan, then.” Gerard said, looking at me in the rearview mirror.

“God, no!” I acted horrified, earning a few more smiles. “The books were fine, but they absolutely killed the movies.”

“So, you don’t like “sparkly” vampires and huge ass wolves?” Mikey asked, smiling. I playfully punched his arm.

“I actually love werewolves and vampires, but I think Stephanie Meyer really just ruined the concept with the whole glittering thing. Then it turns out Jacob and the pack are shape shifters and not actual werewolves, I mean, really?” I blushed with embarrassment. “I used to actually think I was a baby werewolf when I was a kid, being a native American and everything, so every full moon, I’d-” I laughed.

“You what?” Ray asked, his eyes glittering with amusement.

“I would howl at the moon.” I smiled sheepishly. “Even got Banditta, too.” I gestured to my bag, which sat at Frank’s feet. He grabbed it, and handed it to me. I rummaged through my pictures until I found the black box. I opened it, and found the picture I wanted.

“This was her 5th Halloween.” I said, my smiling falling a little. In the picture, me and Banditta wore ear bands, and costumes our mom had made by hand. We were all laughing, me, my mom and Badtitta, and playing around, the perfect example of innocene.
We spent the next hour and a half looking at all my pictures, swapping stories and laughing. By the time the city lights had come into view, Mikey was driving, Ray was always facing the back and Gerard and Frank were in the back with me.

“No way!” I laughed, “How’d he even get up there?!”

“I don’t know!” Gerard said, laughing.

“ Well, anyways-“ Frank was about to continue when Mikey said from the front,

“We’re here, guys.” We all fell silent as we passed the city limit sign. Gerard hugged my shoulders, and I shuddered. We stopped at a red light, and as I gazed out the windows, I saw a girl in a Black Parade shirt walk by. I chuckled and said,

“Look, Gee.” He looked over, and smiled. The light turned green and just as Mikey went forward, a large truck ran the red light. Mikey slammed on the brakes, making me jerk forward, the seat belt tightening its grip. My painful gasp turned into violent coughing, making my whole body shake.

“Becki?! Beck, you alright!?” Frank asked his hand on my back. I tried to nod but I couldn’t stop coughing. I tasted salt and rust, and as I pulled my hand away, I saw blood, thick and dark.

“Oh, Fuck.” Frank cursed quietly.

To be continued?

I drew the top and bottum picutres.
top one is Becki, her mom, and Banditta.
the bottom one is MCR as cats. can you guess who's who?
First one who guess right the 1st time will get a sneak peek of the next installment!!