"Life with MCR" part 10 XD

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"Life with MCR" part 10 XD

"YES!” He said, grinning like a little kid.

“FUCK YA!!” Frank shouted; jumping up, fist pumping the air.

“YES!!” Mikey yelled, hugging me. I laughed, hugging him back then turning to Gerard, hugging him, too.

“HELL YES!” Ray yelled, high fiving Frank then Mikey. I hugged Frank and Ray, and then, using the couch, did a back flip, landing perfectly on my feet, laughing loudly. They looked at me in surprise, making me grin, though I clutched my sides as they throbbed.

“Gravity don’t mean to much to me, remember?” They laughed, then Gerard backed up, holding his arms out.

“Come on, Becki! Fly!” He laughed, grinning like a kid still. I backed up a bit. I took a deep breath, then ran forward, using the couch as leverage to get into the air. I tucked my legs in, and with a quick flourish, landed in Gerard’s arms, grinning and giggling like mad.

“Ta-da!” I said, as Gerard let me down. I smiled and plopped down on the couch, yawning.

“You sleepy?” he asked, sitting down beside me. I nodded, yawning in reply. He smiled, and I laid my head on his lap, curling up. He started humming, and my eyes drooped closed.

“Night, Becki.” Frank said softly, laying a blanket over me, than brushing hair out of my face.

“Night.… I love you, guys.” I whispered sleepily.

“We love you, too.” Gerard said faintly, humming again. I smiled and slipped into sleep.

I woke up to the sound of Mikey snoring. It was dark, the only light coming from the moon outside. I looked around. I was on the couch still, Gerard slumped on his side beside me, his arm thrown over me. Frank was sitting at the foot of the couch, covered in a blanket and snoring softly. I couldn’t see Mikey or Ray, but I knew Mikey was
there, cuz I could hear him snoring. I smiled, turning over so I was facing Gerard, then with another yawn, I closed my eyes and moved closer to Gee. Listening his rhythmic breathing, I fell back to sleep.

“Becki?” Someone called softly, shaking my shoulder. “Becki?” I mumbled, opening my eyes a little, and seeing Mikey standing over me, grinning evilly. Mikey+ grinning= not good. I rolled over, and sat up, the blanket falling of me. Frank and Ray was smiling from behind him, and that’s when you know they did something.

“Oh, God, what’d you do?” I asked, standing up and glaring at them. They tried to look innocent, but ended up laughing like maniacs, waking Gerard up.


‘What’d you guys do?” I asked again, glaring at Mikey. He laughed, and held up the phone. I grabbed it and I blushed. A picture of a sleeping me and Gerard was on it, but he was holding me to him, one hand on my head, the other on my back. I was simply curled up, my head beneath his chine, but I was smiling. It was so… >/////