97 questions LIES

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97 questions LIES

100 questions about 8 friends

1. Rosh
2. Loz
3. Aaron
4. Jack
5. bethan
6. ash
7. mikki
8. aimee

Number 3: aaron

1. How long have you known three? 2 years
2. What do you enjoy doing most with three? doing our duet of damn it Janet
3. Have you ever dated three? nope he is a rainbow
4. Have you ever kissed three? yeah to creep out jack...
5. Name one memory with three? standing on the table in the white lion singing 5,6,7,8 steps we had drunk an awful lot.
6. What is three's middle name? rainbow? he doesn't have one
7. Where does three live? steaton
8. Do you love three? more than cupcakes
9. What do you like best about three? his awesomeness that never fails to make me happy!

Number Seven: mikki

10. What is seven's full name? micheala jane haythorthwaite
11. How did you meet seven? school we were the art geeks
12. What do you like best about seven? she is amazing and is so dotty its great thought obama was a biscuit
13. Name one interesting thing about seven? she can drink more coffee than any person I know
14. Would you do anything for seven? Yes, without a doubt
15. Name something seven is good at? Art, writing, movie making.
16. Are you older or younger than seven? younger
18. Ever done anything illegal with seven? yes

Number Six: ash

21. Where does six live? barrow ford
22. Do you have any regrets with 6? to much alcohol!
23. Do you know six's middle name? jayne
24. Are you related to six? nope
25. How long have you known six? 6 years
26. Are you in six's top eight? probs not
27. Ever laughed with six? yush
28. Would six be there for you? yes
29. Would you be there for six? yes
30. What do you like most about six? her epic ocd skills

Number Two: LOZZBO!

31. How well do you know two? Pretty well... xD
34. What do you do when you're with two? crazy antics walking all over the place!
35. How did you meet two? school
37. Have you ever kissed two? yes...
38. Do you love two? Yeah
40. When did you last speak to two? today

Number Four: Jack

41. Where did you meet four? At a staff party he was dressed as krusty the clown and nearly died tripping over a mic wire and thought i was the strange one, it wasn't even a fancy dress party
42. Are you related to four? hope not
44. Did you ever go to school with four? Nope
45. Can four be funny? yes often without trying
46. Are you on four's top eight list? I think so
47. When is four's Birthday? 3rd july 1990
48. Would you go on a trip with four? we have been
49. How often do you get to see four? we live together
50. What's the worst thing about four? he fidgets constantly the leg twitches in bed he randomly flinches.... it often results in me kicking at him or pushing him from the bed.

Number Five: bethan

51. How long have you known five? 8 years
52. When did you last see five? april 1st
53. Ever dated five? no
54. Do you have anything in common with five? Plenty
55. Would you take a bullet for five? Yes
56. Do you go to school with five? yes
57. Have you ever wanted to kill five? yes
58. Have you ever dreamed about five? nope
59. What is the next thing you will do with five? we are going to party on the 9th of june
60. What do you hate about five? nothing

Number One: Rosh

61. Have you dated one? no
62. Do you love one? yes

im confused there are only 70 questions here...