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KeepRunningKilljoy's picture
on September 15, 2014 - 5:42am

Ok so it's been like FOREVER since I was on here.

First off I wrote a blog in my emails about how I felt when MCR split. here it is

So yeah, MCR broke up. I cried my eyes out in my bed. I'm so sad about it, but like so many of my other Killjoys I am trying to make the most of it. Knowing (hopefully) they will get back together and if they don't we can still listen to them, we can make it on our own. We have bullets, we know revenge, we know how to march and we can fight for our freedom together as killjoys, because though they broke up, they are still alive, they still do their own things. Frank has made his own songs and Gerard might do a few more songs like he did for Professional grievers, Mikey has got this whole thing going with Sarah which I am not judging, I'm just glad he is happy. Ray helped Frank with This song is a curse so they might do something together. I never got to see them live. I haven't even loved them a year, but I can definitely say they have helped me, and I think I am just as much a fan as anyone from the beginning. I never got to say how much they meant to me and how amazing and beautiful them and there music is in so many ways. I remember a quote from Gerard that said 'As long as our fans keep loving us we'll keep making music' What happened to that Gee?! Anyways Stay strong Killjoys, battle on.

Keep the Frankie Faith

Secondly, My life has changed so much. I'm doing better I don't get so depressed. I have a bf. But nothing's really happening. I'm drawing. I'm making Music. I got Frankie's STOMACHACHES album I haven't listened to it yet. I haven't seen Gerard or Frank In the UK and I'm not about to because I'm too young. I don't blog anymore. it was too stressful in the end. I let the days flow past me. My IPhone broke and I lost so much stuff. I let the days flow past me, soon to be washed away, never to be remembered ever. it's sad. I don't think about letting my life go by without keeping record. I want to cry sometimes. I get blamed. People take the piss out of me. I stare, I write songs. I listen to MCR though not quite frequently. I recently drew a Pic of Frankie. I am recovering from a minor cold. I can't WAIT for HALLOWEEN. I don't feel like I know my friends because now they only talk about Gaming. or they are actually gaming. I street dance. I do song writing sessions. Street dance makes me happy. I can forget life. and just smile for an hour straight. I'm Surviving. I'm Alive. Though I could be more so. I strive not to succeed but to try. to Experience. To feel. I feel young for my age and Mature. I like my safety bubble of Childhood innocence. I like to be pleased by the simple things and watch animated movies. I'm Vegi now. I went to a village fair about a week ago. And this attractive teenager boy was playing the guitar and he gave me a shoutout for wearing my MCR top. He proceeded to play The End to which I sang every word. I think that is all. I'm happy at least. I'm ok. We'll Carry On.

So Long and Goodnight
Until the next update
Keep the faith :)
P.s. I did a drawing of that picture :)