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My song

Ok so some people will know I made a Frank Iero birthday/halloween song. I just felt like posting the lyrics :) So here they are. Oh and I only have one verse and a chorus... Anyways enjoy ^_^

Frank Ieroween.

I took a walk down memory avenue that evening.
While listening to My Chemical Romance and I was singing.
That day the evening quickly went to dark.
As I made my way towards the houses away from the Park.
I saw lit up faces everywhere.
Some were kids and others were to scare.
And as I took a breath of the cold night air.
I wondered if I would have that much fun this year.

It was a spooky but fun Halloween.
I spent it with a friend of mine called Frank.
His birthday was on Halloween.
So we made a surprise party me and the gang.
We were all there Me, you, Ray, Gerard and Mikey his brother.
And we all ended up just scaring the shit out of each other.
Frank I think you and the team, will agree as well as me,
That that was the best Frank Ieroween.

That is all I have of the song any cool ideas for like a solo or bridge or something would be great :) Thanks

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