My Chemical Romance Fanfic - Chapter Three -

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My Chemical Romance Fanfic - Chapter Three -

Here is Chapter three.

Gerard and Mikey were outside having lunch the same after noon when Gerard said "Mikey do ever think there maybe something..wrong with Frank?". Mikey replied, "Um maybe he is pretty weird". "Oh so you have noticed too?". Mikey said, "I wouldn't say noticed but like just the other day I was opening my locker and Frank was hiding inside. He gave me the fright of my life jumping out!". Gerard smiled. "I saw him playing guitar earlier. He was very crazy about it but he seemed to play pretty well". There was a short pause before Mikey changed the subject. "Gerard. Why were you on the floor?" He had a serious and worried expression on his face. "I got held up with a gun". Mikey's face turned to worried shock. "Oh.. Gee". Mikey hugged Gerard and he hugged back. From the middle of the school ground a boy said, "Aha ha. Hey guys look, they are gay for each other". Gerard and Mikey stopped hugging and Gerard replied, "We are not gay for each other he is my brother and there is nothing wrong with being gay". "Well said Gerard". Frank had come along and sat beside Gerard. "So what you talking about?". Mikey and Gee looked at each other awkwardly then Gerard turned to Frank. "Frank is there something wrong with you like a mental illness or something?". Frank looked a bit confused but answered, "No. Oh this must be about when I went to the Headmasters office earlier right? And I had been really crazy with the guitar" - "And locker". Mikey added - "Right. Yeah no I am just very hyper I can't always help it. But I love to play guitar". Gerard somehow looked relieved, "That's good to know. Who was the other boy playing guitar?". Frank replied, "Oh that's Ray. He also likes playing guitar and doesn't talk that much". Gee pulled a 'Ahh Ok' expression then Frank said, "I have stuff to do because of earlier. But I will see you around. Hey have you heard there is a Halloween party?". Mikey replied, "No but we like Halloween. It's awesome". "There is a leaflet on the notice board about it you can check it out there. But I really should get going now see ya". "Bye". The Way brothers said in unison. "Mikey have you finished your lunch?". Mikey said,"Yeah". "In that case do you wanna go and check out the Halloween thing?". "Ooh yeah okay". Gerard and Mikey stood up and put away there lunch and walked side by side into school to see the notice board.

Hope you like this chapter and sorry I haven't posted - a chapter - in a while. This may be a bit short but the next few leading up to Halloween/Ieroween are going to be awesome! ^_^ Comment and Message me. Oh and I am not sure weather to make it still the way it is but with a faint frerard thing going on in the background. Let me know what you think :)

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