Stolen (:

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Stolen (:

1.What color are your eyes?

2. How tall are you?

3. What genre of music do u listen to?
Punk rock, Alternative, Hardcore

4.what is your favorite food?

5. What's your favorite color(s)?
Black, Red, Blue

6. What color do u want your hair?
Blue (It's reddish right now)

7. What are you labled as?
I've been called, "Emo" before.. Haters gonna hate!

8. do u like people?
If they aren't annoying.

9. MCR or BVB
MCR!! I don't care for BVB

10. How many friends do u have?
Maybe 4 true friends

11. are u popular or wish to be?
I am NOT popular.. Like at ALL! And I do not wish to be. -.-