My heart.... It's beating so fast..

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My heart.... It's beating so fast..

I'm scared.. I don't expect any of you to read this, but I just need to write it.

Earlier today I had an argument with my mum... After about 5 minutes of bickering, she slapped me in the face. She has never done anything like that before. But anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk about..

Later on I heard my sister scream "Mama!" so I ran out of my bedroom. My mum and dad were fighting, and apparently he had hit her. My mum was screaming at him for doing so, which of course made him angrier, so he pushed her to the ground. Of course, I ran over there and started screaming and hitting my dad. He just stood there trying to calm me down. My sister, of course, was crying the whole time. After that passed, I had a bit of a tantrum. I was screaming and hitting things, so my mum said "You're the only one acting crazy, Kaycie!" and I replied "Well maybe I am! But you know what? It isn't my fault. It's yours (pointing at my mum) and it's yours (pointing at my dad)!" I cursed under my breath for a while and then told her that I wasn't going to stay in that house any longer. I meant it. So, I called my grandfather to come get me. In fact, I'm at his house right now, but about an hour after I got there, I called my mum to check on her. My dad answered the phone and said that she was asleep. I didn't believe him. He said that he would tell her to call me back. About 3 hours have passed and still no call. I'm scared he has hurt her.. What do I do? I'm afraid to tell anyone because I may be wrong.

Help me.

Stay Strong, Killjoys.
~ Cellophane Grenade