Just had enough of everything.

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Just had enough of everything.

MCR is the only thing keeping me going at the moment. This is the truth. I'm not being attention seeking, just being honest. If you don't want to read depressing posts, don't read it and hate on me. This is how I feel, and if you don't like it, don't read it. Simple. Thank you.

So everything is just getting too much for me at the moment. Every single aspect of my life is stressing me out or making me feel depressed.
Firstly [post edited] I've been there for her and supported her, and tried to do everything right. She's coming into school tomorrow...but I feel like, now that everyone else knows, she doesn't care about my feelings any more. I feel like I'm getting replaced, like I'm not good enough for her. I feel that if it were me in her situation, she wouldn't care.

Secondly school is stressing me the fuck out. I'm just not naturally clever. I keep getting compared to my genius older brother who's a maths and chemistry boffin. I'm just not good at that kind of stuff, okay? But no one takes me seriously when I say I want to go into the music industry.

Thirdly my parents keep arguing all the time. It always seems to be when I'm around, which makes me think I make everything worse. It gets me down. Getting home from school and walking into the middle of a slanging match? Not fun.

Then there's this guy I like. He's cute and funny and musical, but one minute he'll talk to me, the next he'll completely ignore me. I just don't understand.

And my friends are messed up too. There's the one I've mentioned and a gang I used to be really close to. Now I'm not sure if we're friends or not friends, or....I'm just really confused. One minute I'll be really happy with them, the next I'll feel left out. Again.

So yeah. This is the sad excuse for my life at the moment. I just wish I could go up to some of these people and say:
"I'm a human too, I have feelings. I am not just a doormat for you to walk all over"

Stay strong MCRmy <3

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