So those who plan to go to college or who are in college; head this lazy arse's advice.

My name is Kait, and amongst my friends at university I am notoriously famous for never going to class (I mean at all) except for exams and miraculously pass.

Now that was all good and well my first two years, though most of the time I passed by the skin of my teeth, I passed...And my writing coures were usually flying with colors.

The Kait Way in college is something that should only be done by professionals who have used this tactic since gradeschool. I've seriously done this in every grade, and some how I ended up in a public ivy league university.

But by my third year and in my second month of that, not having attended one of my worst subjects (math) and having my midterm tomorrow. I'm stuck teaching myself 6 chapters of shit and must retain it all until 11:10 tomorrow morning.

And unbelievably I'm learning....

Just trust me, this is not fun. It's better to learn things step by step than in one lump sum. Because I'm a slacker, I always will be, and I hate myself every fucking time. But really. Don't do the Kait way, do the awesome smart way.