The Seven Stages of Acceptance

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The Seven Stages of Acceptance

I was trying to refrain from posting a blog; because the bands breakup is something I know I've already accepted, and that's what kills me the most.

I've liked this band since the goddamn beginning. I was in elementary school still, and even though I had no idea what kind of spout they were going on about- the sound itself then had captivated me. It was only into my secondary elementary days did I begin listening to the words.

A life like mine isn't the hardest, but it sure as hell isn't the easiest. At such a young age with drug addicted parents, and being the front force of their verbal and psychological abuse; no one came to save me. This band, this idea, was all that I could hold onto in such a desperate time. As a brainwashed naive child who only wished for solace, I found that in their words that I was special in my way and I will overcome that obstacle..

Well time has passed, and physically I have come out of that situation stronger than most people my age. I owe all my strength to them. I don't think I would of had the menality to face everyday with such a front like I do unless it was for them.

At first I told myself I wouldn't cry, I'd keep a strong front because before them I had gotten by; I can do it again. But in all honesty I'm scared. They were my drug I had become so heavily reliant on. And their music is something I won't ween myself off of, I will still lose myself in their words because I know it still speaks the truth, on so many levels.

I just want all of you to know, and the band especially that I thank you every fucking day. Because without you, I wouldn't have accomplished so much at the almost age of 21. I am a strong independent woman who's not backing down. Even without you their physically, the idea of My Chemical Romance is instilled into my brain.

I love you so much and will CARRY ON and keep moving forward.

To those of you with Revenge in your hearts, who follow The Black Parade, and rebel with all the Killjoys, keep your heads high.