Children Who Grow Up Too Fast

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Children Who Grow Up Too Fast

My mind has been stuck on this for a while. With some of the posts you guys put up here, and just visiting my old highschool and seeing all the young people. Now I'm not old. I have only just turned 20, but I can honestly say I've grown up far too quickly than I have ought to.

Kids today, even at the age of 12, are so obsessed with finding a significant other. It's upsetting. A relationship, believe it or not, is a very serious and emotional connection that takes a toll on you mentally physically..And when things don't go right they end. And the young people who subject themselves to that, sure it's experience and I'm not saying it's bad, just find themselves miserable after that.

You guys are taught so early about sex, drugs, alcohol, etc., at school or from your sister and/or brothers. And are so enthralled with technology that you don't really experience the 'real' world. Everything has changed. That a break up in front of the school locker has switched over to something public on social networking sites or through texting.

It's almost everything's become so impersonal. And it will only get worse as the generations go on. I mean there's two year olds who know how to work an iphone better than I do...That's kind of pathetic--And on a side note I hear gradeschool children cursing and using explicities....

It's just a sad reality that the children of today can't experience a childhood like ours. And by ours I mean anyone who was born by the year 1994.

I guess the rules just changed, and it's not the childrens fault. It's ours, b/c we subject them to a world full of a changes that seem to becoming more acceptable as the years go on...

I'm just rambling now..