Suprised it took me this long to discover that i have the bestest friends in the entire world

SO i've started to notice that this whole stress and anxiety and pressure combination has turned into a slight case of depression these past few days. I've started up old habits i thought i was over and done with. Basically, things have not been good.
So in a sudden burst of courage i texted my friend, who i will call oneesan on here, asking her if i could be honest with her for a bit (because i tend to minimize my problems around them so they dont know the true extent of them cause after my bestie neechan ratted me out to my mom i've been scared to tell anyone anything). she texted me back saying of course, and i proceeded to write an email-long reply in text. well, since i am too long winded andd didnt think to just send it in pieces or better yet go knock on her door, she called up my other friend who i guess i will call neesan (yeah i watch too much anime, hence the nicknames), and came knocking on my door! I was suprised at first when i heard the knock (cause only daniel ever comes to the door, and he's my roomie's friend, and you know its him cause he raps at the door obnoxiously...not that i mind, he's funny and sarcastic like my brother.)
So yeah, as i was saying they declared it intervention time. By the night was done, we'd talked for a bit, they'd taken me to mcdonalds after oneesan suggested that perhaps my chronic, neverending headache isnt due to allergies but to the fact i dont have enough meat and fruit/veggies in my died. So yeah, we went to mcdonalds and i got a chicken sandwich and neesan brought up the fact that we should all work out together, so we made a sschedule full of all of our work/class schedules and got some group workout and study times togther. And oneesan has agreed to take me to the store this weekend (actually i think we're all going cause we're gonna make a big dinner together and watch once upon a time on sunday) so i can spend the rest of my money that i have left buying me healthier food cause i just can't live off the nachos, poptarts, and pasta that my mom bought me any more. Ive only been wanting a new, healthier, more rounded diet all month long! I want my old scrambled eggs with cheese, toast, and yogurt for breakfast and some pigs in a blanket, popcorn chicken, mac n cheese, fish fillet/stick sandwiches, and fruit cups that made up most of my summer do-it-yourself lunches cause i can't cook beyond simple pasta and frozen chicken/fish haha.
So yeah i can only hope that the sixty or so dollars i have left is enough to get me through the month so far as breakfasts and lunches (healthier) go cause i was really hoping to wait until november to ask my parents for more money. If its not i'll just ask them sooner, but i'm hoping it will go okay. I need to start couponing lol. I think i will. Again, i'm lucky to finally have a social life and friends that can and will knock on my door for random interventions. I do have friends back home, its just their sisters and their personal lives and not living close make it hard to have anything of a social life with them beyond IM and email. Up till now i doubted that they were real friends and that they cared just because i've never had that in school and in my personal life - always acquaintences or friends that you think are friends that drop you like a hat because you don't go to their church anymore. Anyways, i need to shower and eat breakfast. thanks to anyone who listened to me ramble!

Keep running!
~ Kari