dont forget who you are

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dont forget who you are

Right now,
it does not matter who they are,
Right now,
it doesn't matter that your fat, skinny, beautiful, ugly, talented, talent less, has makes on your skin, has a sickness, anything. it doesn't matter if you dress differently, that you act different. or that you blend in.
it doesn't matter who broke your heart.
who caused your scars.
your past doesn't matter
and right now, right at this moment, forget your future.
you might of been messed up.
but it doesn't matter. it never has.
right now, your heart is beating.
that's what matters.
that your alive.
Don't forget who you are. at matters.
because you are what matters.

it may take some people to tell you that for you to believe it.
but you are life,
you are what maters to me,
i don't know you, you don't know me. your face doesn't matter. your body doesn't matter.
but who you are does.

forget about the pain that you went through.
forget about who loved you, who hates you.

who made you, who forgave you, who left you,

you got potential to be what ever you want.
don't let someone change that.

we are the MCRmy we stick together.

we got inspired by a few guys who started a band, and changed the world.

they inspired us.
now lets inspire others.
you might be alone in a class room.
yo might be alone at home,
but you are never alone.
you got a problem.
talk to us.

so smile. it brightens the mood.