CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS!!!! and other stuff.

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CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS!!!! and other stuff.

THE LAST IS OUT NOW!!!! WHO ELSE IS EXCITED? well ofc u all are excited xD.
i hope they tour soon!!!!!

i also been up all night trying to mix songs, and they sound soooo weird so today in german class i was showing it to my friend (i uploaded it to sound cloud) when the teacher walked through the door. and it was playing really loudly my friend was dying!! xxD -not really-

but also my birthday is coming up soon, in a little over a week. And i asked for alot of stuff.

red hairdye, the video game corpse part, the video game bloodlines masqurade, the kobra kid jacket, a peircing, hair extentions, but what ireally wanted was to go to boston to see my best friend.

and guess what! i'm going!