Chapter 75

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Chapter 75

Chapter 75


Gerard carried me off the couch once finishing the interview and placed me on the cold granite counter top in the kitchen. I made no attempt to get up, for I was far too comfortable just lying there. “So after breakfast I was going to go and check out that old shack looking place down the road. You want to go?” Gerard asked as he dug through the pots and pans. “Yeah, it should be fun” I said as I rolled onto my back. “I was thinking about what we could do with it and-” he began before I interrupted, “Art studio” I said with a smile on my face.

I was starring at the blank ceiling when his face draped over mine, “It’s like you know me or something” he said while brushing his lips over mine. I giggled, “Almost like I pay attention to you” he kissed me lightly and got back to whatever he was doing. “So how much bacon will you eat exactly?” he asked nonchalantly. I sat up immediately, “We have bacon?!” He laughed, “Yeah, seeing as how it’s like one of the four things you survive on; I keep it in the house.” I swear this husband of mine gets better and better. “That means you have candy somewhere. Gimme Gee.” I said sitting upright waiting for him to come stand between my legs.

“Uh, no. You haven’t even had breakfast” he said ignoring me completely. “Fine. Mom” I said as I jumped off the counter and pouted my way to the living room. As soon as my foot stepped out of the kitchen Gerard’s arms hand wrapped around my waist and he held me from behind, “Go get dressed, pretty” he whispered in my ear. “One condition” I said with a smile. He knew exactly what I meant; he spun me around and kissed me roughly. Rough enough to daze me as I walked up to the bedroom with a coy smile painted across my lips.

I got dressed in an old black blouse that was more like a poncho; I tucked it into my pants and remained barefoot. As soon as the smell of bacon hit me I ran into the kitchen to find it already cooked. “You’re fucking awesome” I commented as I shoved the salty delicious bacon down my throat. Gerard poured himself a second cup of coffee. “Come to the shack when you’re done mkay?” he said taking his coffee with him. “Alright” I said as I scanned the magazine in front of me. You would never guess who was on the cover; my boys. Across the top in blood spatter looking font were the words that were etched into my brain, ‘My Chemical Romance’. It was one of the rather older magazines, an AP one back from Revenge.

I looked up at Gerard just as he left and compared then and now; I gotta say, he’s fucking aging backwards. When I heard the door close I jumped into action, this was my chance to set up his gift. I had realized quickly that the shitty coffee maker my mom passed down to me couldn’t produce enough coffee fast enough for 2 coffee lovers; I can’t imagine what it would be like if Mikey were to come over.

I ran to the closet in the hallway, entry whatever the fuck you want to call it and dug through the many jackets that Gerard has managed to collect over the years. I found the instant coffee maker I had purchased about a week ago. I’m surprised Gerard hadn’t found it yet; I ran it into the kitchen and took it out of the box. I wanted to sort of present it to him by asking him to get me a cup of coffee or something. I wanted it to be cute-ish; if that’s what it’s considered. I managed to get it set up with ease and just plugged it in when the door opened. “Dammit” I said under my breath.

“Hey beautiful, where are you?” Gee called out. “Just a second” I called praying he wouldn’t follow my voice. Of course he did; so I scrambled to move everything. I kicked the box as far out of the room as I could and covered the actual coffee maker with my body; all awkwardly hunched over the counter. He walked in and gave a confused look, “You okay?” he asked. He set down his coffee and walked closer to me, “Fine. Why do you ask” I said, but my cover was blown as my voice got all high pitched towards the end of the sentence. I closed my eyes and waited for him to pry me off of his gift.

Dammit, I just wanted to surprise him. Whoever thought a simple surprise gift could turn to shit so quickly. I felt a warm hand on my arm, but kept my ground. “Don’t Gee” I said lightly. “Why not” he asked as he let go of my arm; I could already tell he had a smile painted on his face. I opened my eyes slowly, “Cause this is supposed to be a surprise” I said staring at the floor. “Well now I really want to know” he said walking closer.

How the fuck do I get out of this, he is either going to pry my off of the coffee maker or he is going to kiss me and make me go all weak so I will let go of it. Damn. I jumped onto the counter and pressed my back against the present; there’s no way he is going to see it now. I was so confident in my decision; he’s just going to give up.

And of course he didn’t, I thought as he approached and stood between my knees. I tried to pull my legs up to my chest but he kept them down with his hands, “Now are you going to be a good girl and show me, or do I have to do naughty things to you and make you move” he asked with emphasis on the ‘make’. I didn’t respond; I mean how do you respond. I just wanted to give a surprise gift dammit, and now I’m going to blow it all because he wants to get sexy with me. I slid further back and cupped my hands over my face, waiting for something to happen.

I felt a pair of lips on my neck, I think I can deal with this; it’s not any different than any other time. He started to suck harder, dammit, now I’m going to have a hicky to hide. It felt like he was stabbing a needle into my neck, he was sucking so hard. “This won’t work” I said with a smirk on my face, trying to hide the sharp pain in my neck.

Next thing I knew my pants were practically ripped off me, “Dammit, I like those” I said as I watched them fly across the room and fall to the ground. Gerard ran his hands up and down my thighs I looked down and his pants were gone as well. This was proving to be harder than I imagined, I know I’m going to end up giving in to Gerard and exposing my gift early. I might as well see how far I could take this, and hopefully I get lucky and distract him from the present.

I lifted my head up and looked at him, “You’re never seeing what’s behind my back” I said blankly. “I can fuck you right here, right now; or you can just slide 3 inches to the left and show me. Take your pick” he said blankly. I shook my head, “Alright. I’ll choose for you” he said. Please push me to the side Gerard.

I felt two arms wrap around my waist and he lifted me up, god dammit, of course he is going to fuck me. I wrapped my arms around him, but then my feet lightly touched the cool tiles of the kitchen floor as Gerard let out a breath in astonishment. “This is the best present ever” he said as he studied the coffee maker. “Glad you like it” I said as the blouse slipped off my shoulder. He looked over at me; I was tracing my fingers lightly over the hicky; pings of pain surged through it. “I fucking love you” he said; I stared at the floor with a blank expression, “I know Gee”. He scooped me up and spun me around and I cracked a smile, then laughed. “I love your laugh” he said and kissed me while holding me up in the air still. I smiled; “I love your smile” he said and kissed me again. “But most of all... I love coffee” he said as he dropped me on my ass and ran to go turn the new coffee maker on. “Ehem” I said with my eyebrows raised. “Get off the floor and put your pants on, we have work to do.” He said while concentrating on the coffee. I stared at him in disbelief, “seriously?” I asked as if he would just leave me here on the floor. “No not seriously” he said as I was swept off the floor. He set me back down, “Now go get your pants on, we have to be productive and shit”. I smiled, before I could run to get my pants he kissed me and held it; a perfect kiss.
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