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Chapter 63

We jumped in the car and Gerard started it, he looked over. “That was fun” I said as I unbuckled and kissed him like an animal. “Whoa” he said as he pushed away. “You just got sick” he said as he whipped his mouth. “Not; we had to get out of there somehow. I’m so turned on” I said in a sexy voice in his ear. “Why didn’t I see this side of you before” he asked in a sexy voice as I buckled myself back in. “3 months and 4 years is a long time without sex Gee” I said almost whining in a sexy way. “How did you ever do it” I asked only centimeters next his ear now. The seatbelt pulled me back. Gerard was trying to hurry home when his hand came down to my leg again. But this time he got straight to the point.

My heart skipped a beat as he put one finger in. I felt so dirty; yet so fucking turned on. He started moving which made me moan. Then he shoved another finger in; I’ve never seen this side of him. After being to heaven and back he pulled his fingers out and I handed him a napkin to wipe his fingers but he just shoved them in his mouth. At first I was disturbed but then turned on again; I don’t get why that turned me on but hey, I won’t question it. I could see he was hard and I wanted to return the pleasure he had given me. He had this look in his eye like he would die if he didn’t get home faster.

I wondered if his friend had been hurting being constricted by his tight pants. “Need some help” I asked as I put my hand on it. “Ugh yes!” he said through his teeth. I handed him the napkin, “What’s this fo—OHMYGOD!” he yelled. Let’s just say I was defiantly helping him; he moaned but it sounded like a deep growl as I continued. “Diana! Ugh. I’m about to...” he moaned after a long strain of moans. I pulled away and he brought the napkin down just in time. I smiled as he dealt with that, knowing how much of a dirty whore I am. I stared out the window as I whipped my mouth on my hand. I have no clue how he managed to drive the whole time I did that. “That was amazing” he said as he zipped his pants after a short silence. “Same here” I said thinking of what he’d done for me. I’m so filthy; what would mother think? I asked myself as I kissed Gerard and curled up to sleep against the door of the car. This was a very interesting day indeed.
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Chapter 64: