Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

Chapter 41

No one’s POV
Diana’s mother was watching TV like she normally did on a Sunday; until a ring of the doorbell took her concentration from her show. She begrudgingly got up from the bed and made her way to the door, expecting her daughter or Anna. But to her surprise; it was a past memory. Logan; the boy Diana had a crush on for 4 years. “Hello, I’m looking for Diana. It’s me; Logan.” He said. “Oh, yes I remember you. Come in dear.” She said with a friendly smile. “So what can I help you with?” She asked. “I need her address, I have to tell her something.” Logan requested. “Aright” She said. She gave him the address and he stuffed it into his pocket. Logan got up and looked at a picture of Diana and Gerard. They were at a show, both sweaty and tired after a day’s hard work; both laughing with arms around each other, and Diana’s hand on Gerard’s chest.

“Who is that with Diana?” Logan asked. “Oh that’s Gerard, aren’t they cute?” Diana’s mother asked. “Yeah, totally.” He said quickly as he made his way to the door. “So are they like friends?” Logan asked. “Oh, actually their—” She started until she was interrupted. “I really have to go; if I’m driving all the way to Jersey, I better start now.” Logan said as he walked out the door. “Bye then” Diana’s mother yelled from the door stunned about what had happened.

Anna dialed Diana’s cell number, “How are you taking it?” “Taking what?” Diana asked confused. “Haven’t you heard? Logan’s looking for you” she said. “Why the hell would he be looking for me?” Diana asked shocked. “I don’t know; but he is on his way.” Anna said. “To Jersey?!” Diana asked alarmed now. “Yes.” She said. “How is he going to find me, he doesn’t know where I live.” Diana stated. “He went to your mom’s house and she told him; she called me once he left.” Anna informed her.

“Thanks for the heads up. I think I’m going to come down and hang soon; I’m not joining the guys on tour for a while.” Diana said. “Sweet!” Anna exclaimed excitedly. “And why didn’t you go with? They are going to Japan! I checked the tour dates” Anna asked. “I just didn’t feel like it; plus I’d rather have a shower and female friends to talk with.” Diana told her. “Alright, call me when you’re on your way.” Anna said. They both said goodbyes and Diana went into the kitchen where her mother was. “Hey mom, whatcha doin?” she asked as she jumped up on the counter. “Making waffles, want some?” She asked. “Sure, and I have my own recipe, you want to try?” Diana asked. “Yeah, sure” her mother replied.

The two spent the night making waffles and laughing. The next morning Diana was going through some of her old boxes of stuff from moving.”…..GOSH!” Diana yelled from Gerard’s room. She ran out to her mother who was in the living room. “Look!” She exclaimed as she held up a stick with tape around the base. “You found a stick….with tape……congratulations Diana” Mom said sarcastically. “It’s not a stick! It’s a wand!” Diana yelled as she ran back out. She peered around the corner to her mother, “Expelliarmus!” She yelled as she held her wand out. “What does that even mean?” Her mother called from the living room. “It’s a spell! Haven’t you read the books?” Diana asked. “Nope, but Gerard has.” She answered. “Well that doesn’t help me now that he’s gone.” Diana said sadly.

“I’m hungry.” Her mother said as she got up. Diana sighed heavily and dropped her shoulders, “Thanks mom.” She said. “Come help me honey” Her mother called from the kitchen. They were making homemade pasta, there was flour everywhere. “Damn! I got it all over my shirt” Diana exclaimed. She took her shirt off and threw it on one of the chairs. “Honey, move your ‘wand’. And take your ring off, it will get dirty.” Her mother said as she held the stick to her. “Where am I gunna, bleh.” Diana said as she shoved it under one of the straps on her bra and put her ring in her back pocket. *Ding dong*

“Well now who could that be?” Mother asked. “Crap” Diana said under her breath. “Oh, Hi. I’m looking for Diana.” A voice said from the door. “Hold on a minute; Diana! Someone wants to talk to you!” Her mother yelled from the living room. “Shit” Diana said under her breath as she walked into sight. “Hey, um. Please come in.” Diana said awkwardly. She ran into Gerard’s room and grabbed a shirt; and to her luck it was one of Gerard’s. “Sorry about that” Diana said as she ran back into the living room and threw her wand on the couch. “Is that a wand?” the man asked. “Yeah, made it myself.” She said as she sat down. “Who are you exactly” she asked looking at the features of his face, trying to remember him somehow. “It’s me…Logan” he said. “Oh. Hey…..what’s…up?” she asked yet again awkwardly.

“I need to talk to you, why don’t we talk over lunch?” Logan asked. “Uh..sure” she said hesitantly. Logan looked at her left hand; no ring, bingo. Diana ran to the bedroom and grabbed a jacket and a pair of shoes to put on in the car. They walked out and Logan opened the door for her; ‘Why is he being so nice? This is weird’ Diana thought to herself.
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