Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

Chapter 32

I saw a bright face come out of the shadow; it was mom. She almost jumped on me while she hugged me, she was crying and I was tearing up. She didn’t say anything, she just whimpered. “It’s great to see you mom.” I said. She pushed me aside, “IS THAT YOU GERARD?” she yelled excitedly. “Yep” he said. “Ahh!” she screamed as she did the same to him. I he hugged her back not really expecting what had just happened; I looked at him and smiled. “Anna?!” she yelled as she pushed Gerard aside. She just hugged Anna normally and then a nice hug to Rob. “I cannot believe I have Robert Pattinson and Gerard Way in my living room.” She said trying to keep her composure. “Mom, come on. You’ve been around Rob.” Anna said. “Mom?” she asked practically honored. “Yeah, remember Diana and I are practically sisters!” she said. “Oh! Yes!” she said realizing her mistake.

Then a tall blonde boy walked out, “ALEX!” I yelled as I shot up from the couch. I ran up and tackled him, “What are you doing here?” I asked. “DIANA!” he yelled. “I live here!” he said. “Do you pay rent? You are old enough to have your own place.” I asked. “No.” he said. “UGH! I knew it! You get away with everything!” I said. “Any way, you remember Gerard from my freshmen year?” I asked. “Sort of. Good to see you man, hope you’re not treating my sister like a princess. She doesn’t deserve it.” He said smirking at me. “You jerk!” I said. I tackled him to the floor, “Children please! Get up!” mom yelled as she brought out drinks. “Sorry” I said. Alex didn’t say anything; as usual.

“I’m going to go check out my room” I said standing on the couch and jumping onto the table. “Come with gee!” I said jumping off the table. “Leave the door open Diana!” mom warned. “MOM!” I yelled, “I’m not a kid anymore; and plus the house is full of people.” I said. My room wasn’t big, you walk in and there is a giant queen size bed and posters everywhere, there is a small shelf over the closet which is on the right that has stuffed animals. There is also a giant dark brown drawer which is full of crap; which there wasn’t much of since I took most of it to the apartment with Anna. Gerard jumped on the bed and it creaked, “Oh yeah, noisy bed.” I said with a laugh. I jumped onto it next to him; I just laid there on his forearm and stared at the blank ceiling thinking about our future; like our house. I rolled over him so I was sitting on top of him, “When are we going to buy a house?” I asked. “As soon as tour is over.” He said happily as he pushed me off him so I was back lying on his forearm. “Thanks for that” I said sarcastically. “Where will we live?” I asked. “Jersey; unless you want to go somewhere else.” He said. “What about here, in California. We could live in LA!” I said excitedly. “When it’s time to buy a house; we will make a decision.” He said. “I can roll with that. Oh! And for the reunion; what are we going to wear?” I asked. “Do you want to go shopping, because I didn’t bring anything.” He said looking over at me. “I guess, I really just want to show up in pants, a t-shirt, and converse.” I said smiling. “I love you so much right now, let’s go shopping.” He said looking into my eyes. I quickly kissed his cheek then rolled out of the bed but before I could he grabbed onto my waist and pulled me all the way back onto the bed and over him, “Don’t leave me beautiful.” He said leaning in to kiss me. “I gotta, mom’s waiting.” I said as I shot up and jumped over him.

He rolled out of the bed and looked up at me; I was in the doorway now. I jumped over to him and kissed him lightly and then scampered away to the living room where everyone was. “Gerard and I have to go shopping for the reunion.” I announced to everyone. “I’m coming too!” Anna screeched. “Ok, and I’m assuming Rob’s coming as well.” I said looking over at him. “Yes” he said. “Alright, Gerard and I will be back for dinner kay mom?” I told her. “Alright, 7; don’t be late” she said as we all piled out the door. This time Gerard and I sat together in the back while Anna and Rob sat in front; Rob drove again. I draped my legs over Gerard’s and just sat there in his arms the whole time; these are the little things I loved.

After shopping; I came out with a nice light blue sun dress, which might be a bit too casual for the reunion but I didn’t care. I wasn’t trying to impress anyone; except Gerard. Then again, I could be wearing a table cloth and he would still find me attractive. He got a nice suit with a skinny tie; there’s only one thing that turns me on more than shoes; skinny ties. I loved them, they were all like ‘look at me, I’m a tie but not so formal. Wear me whenever! Cuz I’m a skinny tie!’. I imagine that’s what they would say; he also got a pair of black and white converse; which I loved. Anna was going to let me borrow a pair of shoes right before we left for the reunion. The shopping trip was fun but kind of sucked; I understood the whole ‘famousness’ by this point. But it was getting ridiculous; there were like 10 girls following me and Gerard as we shopped, they didn’t say anything or talk to us, they just followed and whispered between themselves. I was latched onto Gerard’s arm the whole time and didn’t want to let go.

I couldn’t imagine what Rob was going through. Once Gerard and I were done, as soon as we got outside it immediately got 20 times worse. Not only did we have fans of My Chemical Romance but they were also fans of me; which I didn’t understand. They were all saying ‘oh! Mrs. Way! I want your signature, can I shake your hand, you’re so lucky.’ Blah blah blah. But then when Rob and Anna stepped out all the twilight fans exploded. Gerard and I got to the car and soon behind us were Rob and Anna. We got in the car and drove their house; a few cars even followed us. We hurried to get in the house; there were a few paparazzi outside their house but that must have been usual. It was a relatively nice house, very big and even had a pool; something I really loved. It was a 2 story house which I liked but when I saw the master bedroom; I was blown away. It had a balcony overlooking the pool and the giant backyard, the master bathroom was amazing; there was a bathtub big enough for 4 people and a shower that was the size of a sauna. There was nice light brown granite throughout the whole house and wood floors. These people were living the high-life; then again Rob was like a-list celebrity.

“So we are going to Disney Land tomorrow?” Anna asked me while we were in the bedroom. “Yeah” I said still astonished by the room I was in. “Where do you keep your bathing suits?” I asked. “Second drawer to the left.” She pointed. I took two out and threw one at her, “We going swimming?” she asked. “No, we are going to see a circus.” I said with a smirk. “Oh, ha ha; you’re so funny” she said sarcastically. Once we got the bathing suits on we went out to the balcony; the boys were sitting by the pool talking about guy stuff (I’m assuming). “Have you ever jumped off this thing into the pool?” I asked Anna while scaling the fall. “Not really, but it would be cool to.” She said thinking about it. And before she had enough time to look up; I was already out of her sight.
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