Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18

“He told us all about you when we were first a band. He saw this blonde girl with blue eyes and sighed the name ‘Diana’. We all asked him what that was all about and he told us everything; even the part where he still loved you” Frank said scampering away from Gerard incase he hit him. “What did I say Frank! Shut up!” he said running after Frank. Frank managed to get away quickly and run to another band for protection; he was short, short equals light, and light equals faster.

“Well this was nice and I think it’s time for us to go” said Anna. “Yeah, we should really go. There’s lots of other bands we’d love to check out; and plus I’m starving.” I said as we headed out the door. “Wait!” yelled Gerard. He ran after me, “Can I uh, steal Diana for a second?” Gerard asked Anna. I was shaking my head no; but she wanted to have fun with my pain, “sure” she said. Ughhh what did Anna just do?

Gerard took me aside, “I never stopped loving you, from the minute I saw you I knew you were the one. I love you Diana” he said. He tried to kiss me but I backed away, “It’s been 14 years and all the sudden you walk back into my life tell me you love me, bring back all my memories about how I loved you, and you just expect me to ‘leap into your arms and be yours forever’?” I asked with sarcasm on the whole leap into your arms bit. “Well, sort of.” He said.

“I should really go, Anna is waiting. And just so you know, I love you too.” I said as I walked away with a smirk on my face. “Diana...” he said. I turned around, his eyes were glazed over; the effects of love. “Go to dinner with me” he said. “When?” I asked with a bit of cautiousness. “Meet me here at 5” he said. “What about Anna?” I asked. “She can hang with the boys while we sneak out” he said. “Ooh, daring are we?” I asked. “Fine” I said, I walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek making him want more; and with that I walked away.

“What the hell was that all about?” asked Anna waiting to get away. “Oh I kinda told Gerard we are coming to hang with the band at 5. You cool with that?” I asked. “Well, I guess. The drummer was cute.” She said. “Sweet, let’s get some food, I’m starved.” I said as we walked away.
It was 5 and I was excited, a date with Gerard; the boy I never stopped loving. Me and Anna went in to see the boys and they were smoking. “Oh shit! You guys smoke?!” I said. “Some of us, yeah.” Frank said. “I can’t stand this and it looks like Anna is walking away, so put that shit out.” I said as I watched Anna start to walk from the door. “Fine” they all mumbled. “Yo! Don’t worry! Their putting that shit out!” I yelled at Anna. She started to walk back.

We all sat for an hour; I said I wanted to look around now that everything was shutdown and packed away. Gerard told everyone he wanted to go to. He took me to the tour bus; it was pretty awesome. And by awesome I mean a piece of shit van with a trailer hitch on the back. The front half of the van was full of boxes of merch. So we sat in the back of the van. “Oh yeah, this is a-really romantic Gerard. Bravo, you’ve really out done yourself this time.” I said with a smirk on my face. He looked into my eyes and I stared into his, they were the same hazel eyes I knew from 9th grade. They were still warm and loving, “The most stupid decision I’ve ever made was leaving you” he said. “And the most stupid decision I’ve ever made was not letting you do this.” I said as I kissed him. It started as a nice kiss but then I decided to take it a step farther and give some tongue; and boy did he enjoy that. He was trying to get my shirt off but I stopped him, “No, not now.” I said as I pulled away.

“Damn, you’re so irresistible. How do you not have a husband yet?” he asked. “Probably because I didn’t get close to anyone after you.” I said. “Really? What did I do wrong?” he asked worried. “Don’t stress, you didn’t do anything wrong. I guess after I fell in love with you and you left I just didn’t have the same feelings for anyone else. ” I said. We got out of the van and went on a walk.

“Do you really love me Gerard?” I asked after a while of silence. “Of course. I never stopped loving you, and I’m so happy your back in my life. Dating you was the best my life has ever been, I was happy and full of energy.” He said. “How did you start the band?” I asked changing the subject. “I didn’t know where I was going with the whole writing comics for a company, and when 9-11 happened I basically picked up the phone and asked everyone if they were happy with what they were doing in their lives and they all said no like me. I wanted to change lives and help people, so we started My Chemical Romance.” He said. “That’s amazing.” I said looking up at him.

He hugged me and we just stood there in each other’s arms; I never wanted it to end. “They are probably wondering where we are.” Said Gerard. “Screw them let’s just stay here forever.” I said muffled in his chest. He laughed, “Your cute, now let’s go.” He said. “Fine” I said with a pout. “Pouty are we?” he asked. “May—Ahh!” I said as he lifted me up. He was carrying me, “What the hell is this all about?” I asked. “Princesses don’t have to walk places.” He said while staring at me. I kissed him slowly and as I pulled away he gently lowered me back to the ground and we continued walking.

When we got back to the band and Anna we were greeted with a, “That was a rather long walk” by Frank. “I swear Frank!” Gerard said running after him. Anna came up to me and we backed towards the wall to talk in private, “So what happened?” she whispered excitedly. “We kinda made out and didn’t eat dinner, and oh! I saw their van; it’s a piece of shit.” I said. “You filthy dog, you!” she said. “NO!” I screamed, all the guys looked at me, “carry on boys!” yelled. “No” I whispered, “We didn’t do that, we just talked..and kissed a little.” I said. She squealed out of excitement.

“What did you do?” I asked. “Just hung out with the boys; Frank is a handful; Bob is weird and quiet; Ray has a sweet ass Fro; and Mikey doesn’t talk a lot around new people” She said. “Nice observation” I said patting her on the back. “Ladies! Quiet time is over, come back!” Yelled Frank. “Shut up!” I said. We all seemed to be closer, like a family. “Oh shit! It’s 9!” said Gerard. “Shit!” yelled Frank. “What? What’s going on?” I asked everyone. “We’re on tour; we have to drive all night.” Said Frank sadly. “That means we won’t see you guys again” he said even sadder.

“I HAVE AN IDEA!” said Mikey “What if they came on tour with us!” he said excitedly. They were all ecstatic about the idea. “We can’t.” I said sadly. “Aww!! Why?” asked Frank. “We have to go to school.” I said. “Shit!” Gerard said. “Well it only is the building to the rest of my life, and my job.” I said. “I could quit but my parents will be pissed and I have nothing to fall back on. Anna has to go to dance school and she absolutely can’t just quit.” I explained. “But I do think this band is going to be really big…so…..FUCK IT! I’LL GO!” I yelled. “FUCK YEAH!” all the guys yelled. Anna was sitting there, a tear rolled down her cheek. “What’s wrong Anna” I said as I ran over to her. “I can’t go, and I will like never see you again” she said crying.
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