repost of some (freestyled) lyrics i made so i can get some feedback, thanks :D

"life is a journey just to get you on the gurney"

fav: "the ambulance only comes after the accident, even if it wasnt an accident after all"

"been to the cemetary so many times it feels like home
so im going to bed let me just get under the covers"

"whats a miracle, when its just in a dream?"

Version A "such a beautiful funeral to bad it's not for me"

Version B "the funeral is beautiful to bad the corpse isnt yet dead,
but dont worry she will be soon when the oxygen leaves her head"

version C "what a beautiful funeral i cant wait for mine"

"and will you have the guts to say
doctor i'll have the operation"

"the cloth you call forgiveness
doesn't soak up all the dried blood"

"so switch shoes and feet with me then
tell me how i read you
and what i see in you
that's right nothing because i am dead
I've taken too many prescription meds
cause of someone can you guess who?"

"all the i hate you's you'll never say
and they could have saved you
but now it's too late"

"yea, i know you are such a pretty pretty girl
hope you burn with the rest of the world
the day that all the beautiful things fall"

"i hope you know
that i am alone
because of you
cause of a special someone
a dream that never can true
but i am done
i am through
i'm alone because of you

people always think the one alone is still alive
well, hell is cold but i think that I'll survive
can't even borrow anyone's coat though
cause no one's here, i hope you know"

"there's nothing like "i don't want to die"
when you're leaking all over the floor
for the second time"

"and you're overdosing on your prescription medication
the surgeons and nurses can not control your retaliation
stitches on a fatal wound is just a slight procrastination
don't you doctors comprehend he chose the suffocation
the shrink sends him to live and die in his own isolation
sanitarium thanks him with a bribe for his kind donation"

"start by taking a breath
you are allowed to sob
she's stolen your heart
you've been robbed"

"hold on to my hand"

"something's different, something's wrong
i have not felt this damn weak in so long"

"how enormous is your once beautiful nose
from all those funeral lies you've told"

"I'm just tired"

"and baby the truth hurts
but it doesn't hurt as much as you
and maybe one day i will burst
but my blood will spray all over you"

"standing barefoot in broken glass"

"you were too shallow to see through the skin"

"nothing says hello like a goodbye"

"your love is a work in progress"

"please leave me with the post operation
i need to be alone for this conversation"

"why are granpas eyes shut
oh he's asleep son
look daddy he is waking up
what?! run boy run!"

"if only you'd influenced the mind
in their one moment of choice"

"i'm waiting
for you to wake up one day
i'm waiting
for you to look me in the face
i'm waiting
don't make my waiting go to waste
im' waiting
don't make my memories all go gray
i've been waiting for so long
and i will continue to stay
making sure nothing goes wrong
making sure you are okay
with a ready bouquet for when you wake"

"please stay with me, help me breath
don't leave me to lay underneath"

"I'm sorry i had to go"

"maybe i'm just meant to be another face on the news"

"they say have fun so you can enjoy the misery
well they wont trick me"

"i hope after i fall
i get to try out
that new hospital
i hear its so fancy"

"there is an itch in my heart"

"buy tickets to the afterlife"

"you caught me
about to jump off the building
and just waved"

"i'll haunt you as a ghost
by what you did not do
an i wont need a host
i'll always be in you"

the angles buried him in their wings"

"there was an accident at the fork of the road"

"from the wound came a puddle of love"

"getting addicted to the IV"

"the eighty year old mad massacre killer
was just a late bloomer not a kidder"

"asking me what am i waiting for
is not enough to make me a corpse"

"there is where i shed my tears
because i know they'd never look for me here
where i say that i always am
but they couldn't give a damn"

"when they ask me what am i waiting for
i'll answer,
around eighty years till i'm a corpse"

"if i can find them i'll hand you back
those pulsing pieces that i stole"

"i didn't steal your heart
i just claimed it from the lost and found"

"high school reunion at the funeral
but no one stayed for the burial"

"i am writing these down so you'll have a memory of me
maybe one you choose to keep after seeing me asleep"

"the blade is free therapy"

"sister please feed me i'm hungry
there's something in me that pleads to be fed
leaching off me until i am dead maybe that's it needs me to be"

"you looked so pretty with a jaw"

"you smell the noose that you know too well
when your told, I'm sorry no one's home"

"and you parted ways leaving me
with a hammer to the heart"

"i'll be alone forever
you'll be alone forever
so let's be alone forever together"

"you know you'll have to face the ones you left alone eventually
did you think you could just hid and no one would see"

"first make sure you can fit in your casket"

"hey are you okay, you look a little gray
and decaying so arrange the bouquet"

"a late marriage bouquet is just really really early"

"do what it takes to survive
even if it takes suicide"

"if you to cry grab a tissue from the box that says i'll miss you"

"i'm bleeding for you
won't you bleed for me"

"goodbye, i'll see you later
i'll be the one in the casket asking
what are you waiting for"

"when they ask it i will answer
i'm waiting for the bullets"

"they found you upside down in a full tub
the drain all plugged up with her hair
drowned without a drop of water"

"put a leash on the cemetery stone
so you can feel close again and walk with
the one who made you feel close to home"

"in cemetery will you be able to tell me that you knew me"

"there's something crawling in my flesh
something that needs to be put at rest"

someone stole my stitches"

"goodbye's are so hard"

"lets jump holding hands"

"I'll catch you from five hundred feet"

"drowning from the blood in your lungs"

"hung with a rope made from the heart breaker's hair"

"hey there lil miss riding hood
you sure look good in red
but ganny was just wearing a fur coat
she wasn't really dead"

"please leave
i think I'm claustrophobic
and you're taking up way too much space in my mind"

"it's insane, I'm addicted to lobotomies"

"I'm just a druggie, I'm not, I'm not crazy "

"i swallowed twenty capsules of my tears"

"the doctor said take on but is twenty so much different anyway"

"I'm a pyromaniac
i want to be cremated
i don't need a plaque
can you relate?"

"i can't believe i believed you"

"grit your teeth around the gun
well, so long, it's been fun"

"the cemetery keeper does not fear the reaper
momentarily you'll be deeper then your darkest fear"

"stay awake"

"don't stop breathing"

"puke the pills"

keep on marching"

"don't stand still"

"don't fall asleep"

"hang on to the ferries wheel"

"don't trip"

"stay balanced"

"keep your eyes wide open"

"don't close your eyes"

"watch your tongue and watch your lungs"

"crawl up through the dirt"

"were you wrongfully buried?"

"even with my coat on I'm still cold"

"you bit more then they could chew
get me out of your mouth, ewww!!"

"just trust me"

"i am what i eat
but what is cannibal meat"

"waking up from dreams just to go to hell
lasting hours until your saved by the bell"

"all alone in a crowded room
in the corner listening to a tune"

"god damn, i never thought she'd actually do it
well was she a comedian, any other excuses?"

"a slit will get you a slap on the wrists"

"there's something bleeding caged inside my ribs"

"well, it seems on the motel murder scene that of the rebel is the deceased himself"

"you left me all alone to find my own way home"

"after all we've been through, all the lies were true"

"has a cat got your tongue
is there a mouse in your lung"

"keep your chin up so they can cut your throat"

"keep an eye on me"

"they say shut up
so I'll bleed louder
they say well tough
skin is less then chowder"

"I'm sorry but I'm a little busy
when I'm done please don't miss me"

"Is anyone home
i need someone to slit their wrists with me
hello is your son home
please don't make me do it alone honey"

"Oh no, I am not a man, and I am not a beast
I'm a demon child who's finally been unleashed
trapped inside my body for years an now it's time to feast
chew guts, drink the tears, and please spare me the yeast"

"eyelids low looking through to window
hopelessly alone with nowhere to go"

"non-consensual suicide
in a bag during high tide
under water by an inch
twitching until you die"

"you'll never take me alive
do you happen to have a knife?"

"driving a car with a death wish
no one knowing where you are
look at the signs, wont be missed"

"she lives in the gutters
and that's where all her hopes will go
sleeping in the sewers is all that she knows
will you tell me that one day it'll all be okay?"

"I'm going to hell, but for now I'm alive"
do you need a ride, it's not a long drive"

"please tell me
is the glass of tears half full
or empty?"

"your faith led me to fail"

"how full is the glass of blood"

"i like the way my mic drips blood"

"walk home alone from a friends house cause they're all getting blown"

"there are two types of love, both that need light
one for the blind and for those who find it at first sight"

"blood stains from your face upon your sleeve
have at first sight you need to heave
emotional pain is growing so you better leave
my eyes are down here and filled with grief
and then you bust
just like the acne
and in the inside you must be bleeding
because it is peeking out through the puss""

"working extra hours on the graveyard shift"

"so go an spill your guts to her
they're just going to the sewer"

"write an angry letter to them but don't mail it
burn it, the smoke will get to them in hell"

"do you choose if you care?
admit you dont if you dare"

"you are so much like me, that's why i hate you"

"maybe you should get the taste of lies out of your mouth"

if you know me, please tell me
I'm trying to find out who i am"

"I'm slicing my fingers one by one
the feeling lingers even after I'm done
there's something inside me
something inside
there's something trying to find me
and i can't hide"

"i have a gut feeling there are pills in my stomach"

"committing genocide and suicide
to alter egos at the same time"

"the grass is always greener on the other side
but it's also under water when it is high tide"

"a kiss is like a stab, they both end in murder"

"as you're writing the note, just jot down a few points
how the dead breathless have been begging you to join"

"he was always a ghost, no one ever saw him"

"would you rather a bullet proof window
or one that you could actually see through"

"fell from heaven into the hospital
i guess hell on earth is real"

"if your scared then close your eyes
there are no monsters in your mind"

"is this what it feels to be on the other side of reality"

"if dying is to spontaneously cease sinning
then reaper must be doing god's bidding"

"like petals we fall, on never dying rose"

"can you feel the blood dripping down your chin
the bite was so romantic yet they call it a sin
your so enthusiastic your jumping out of your skin
but that's alright because you can always make a new one"

"read me like a book and then tell me what you find
do you see now that i am burnt and torn apart,
an in a language that doesn't translate in your mind"

"love is a crime haven't you heard the news
an that is the reason why i don't love you"

"I'm bleeding from my hollow bones
my heart creates my beating home"

"the autopsy revealed it wasn't suicide
he was murdered by his other side"

"how much blood and tears does it take to fill up a bucket full of hate"

"play amongst yourselves while I'm laying in the street
the first one at my funeral is the one in the drivers seat"

"the only time you'll get an I love you
it will be followed by an April fools"

"the seed of sin has been planted in my backyard"

"this little puddle is because you wouldn't cuddle
and this little piggy is slicing his wrists for a kiss"

"we're on a suicide joy ride while talking on a cell
with a petrified child in back and no seat-belts"

"you hear a tiny sound behind you
turn around and what d o you find
a little innocent child praying, god i love you
it's to bad he doesn't control his own mind"

"ranting turns to self-beneficial chanting
which becomes infant sacrificial demanding"

"your so naive, please just leave me be, and let me breathe,
i don't want your first impression to be with blood on my sleeve"

"first impressions are important
but the last ones burn more"

"let out your breath and invite death
with a welcome party an signs saying, nothing's left"

there's a massacre in your mind, so off with your head
they are killing two beings but only one is getting the cred
your sole sanity is dangling, hanging by a mere thread
the medicine and immunizations are making it shred
so take a little needle or pin and poke until he's dead"

"the earth's hairs green so that means it must be a freak right?
an abnormality an example of inhumanity just because it uses dye"

"welcome the hallucinations, let your imagination be fed
all us patients get to watch movies in our head
this is my ideology, come help insanity spread"

"you've been gone for so long and i don't want you back"

"don't worry about your boy's slit wrists
all he needs is the surgeons stitches
the little bitches apology and a kiss
surgery is a success if he twitches"

"the doctor says for my health i need to just be myself
but then i see all my suicide letters on my library shelf"

"hey Mr. emo on suicide hot-line
spare me your complaints if you don't mind"

"the best way to reveal your greatest confessions
is on the suicide note's list of , oh did i mentions'"

"i ran out of ink so i wrote in blood
i used the sink to not cause a flood"

"they said my threats were fake
well then i made a big mistake"

"are you locked in your room
and still not close to home"

"as you break the glass an swallow it down your throat
they will all just laugh as you choke"

"whats behind closed eyes
and what do they know of the outside"

"just like the noose i used because of her
your lungs stole my breath like from a corpse"

"god almighty why do you fight me
i'll get down and bow on my knees
closer to the ground so you can do it with ease
begging god please smite me"

"hey now, dont forget what i told you, your way to old to be sold"

"oh oh over and over again
they say lets just be friends
baby ive heard it all before
but thanks for reminding me your a whore"

"the pencil gets shorter as the ink gets larger"

"you are so smart for what you wrote
oh i mean that person who you quoted"

"lies and lies, and to think i believed you
please leave i no longer need you"

"the note I'll right when i go
will only say, i told you so"

"trapped in your body
buried under the skin"

"they were all shocked but they had the tests
when he left the note, by the way i'm depressed"

"buried deep under the ground and the only sound you can utter is thanks"

"im sorry about the puddle staining the rug
but i didn't want to wake you with a gunshot"

"would you jump from a boat if it was on fire"

" my black pupils were shining brightly
when the fuel around me was igniting"

"because according to my calculation
all the attractive woman in a nation
find muscular man an match the ration
it's anti-evolution inhalation annihilation"

"a raindrop with a bit of acid, shows how the whole worlds gone to hell"

"dance around the burning books, there's so little to celebrate these days"

"dead babies in the street, mother's instinct has lost its meaning"

"can you tell that whole worlds gone to hell,
whats that smell? it's the burning bushes and bodies"

"the little girl cried wolf but nobody she told believed
until the wolf finally made riding hood's wrists bleed"

"if love is blind how do you find it at first sight"

"teacher says , quiet down
can't even think with this sound"

"don't be scared to share a whisper or kiss
he's going to the chair but he'll be missed"

"all the irony is not enough to describe me"

"would you drag me to hell if you were taken there
but i wanted to stay here"

"the roses above me remind me of memories that used to belong to me"

"that rose is leaking, it must have been stabbed
the rose is crying and its tears are red"

"I'm bleeding and laughing all at once Hun
dinner wont be ready until the goose in done"

"would you dine and dash and tell me that your fine
hell, it's better then hearing your complain and whine"

"i read the bible but what am i learning?
I'm starving and my stomachs churning
have i really earned this burning?"

"there's a bloody puddle around my feet
come and cuddle and enjoy the meat"

"jumping off a bridge's edge because your mentally imbalanced"

"your good deeds go unpunished
except you get to eat your lunch alone"

"drowning in your fish-tank when your can't control your thirst or hunger"

"raindrops will never be able to cover my face enough
when i say i am not sad they always hide my bluff"

"i enjoy drowning, there no one can see my tears"

"they tell me to stop singing, and to stop signing
i guess i'll just start swinging, to stop their whining"

"you see that dirt? that's your grandpa"

"if you know i bleed why do you cut me or spit in my wound"

"i don't care he killed my parents, that's all fine
but that sorry sack of shit stole my fucking sign"

"the best way to get all your emotion into a line
is to use your own wet dripping blood to sign it"

"when you steal all my tears
an one day have to face your own fears
don't come crying back to me, you caused your reality"

"quickly put the electric chair on
bright lights that have never shone
come to the demons who are oh so calm
laughing their eyes out as if nothing is wrong"

"i need something to break,
I'm a witch burning at the stake
everything thing they call me is fake
except that my blood will form a lake"

"i was raised in hell i have no soul,
i have felt my heart become a hole"

"there is no need to wake up in the morning
the sun is fake, it just reminds me that i should be mourning"

"so will you remember to remember me?
because ill remember the dismembering"

"the only irony in tragedy is that its always happening to me"

"do you remember the fire, did it burn your skin
don't be a liar, the situation was a win-win"

"the piece of trash is so heavy today, we need to fix obesity
so it will be much easier to play, obscenity is becoming gray"

"drop the blade and beg for more
as your blood floods the floor"

"a wink only like correct with a little stitched up face distortion
but i have a twitch in my eye so my face stays the right proportion"

sarcasm is the voice of depression
I'm here to help with resurrections"

"sure the car went right through him
but everyone loves a family reunion"

"history tells so many tales
of misery an survival's fail"

"if the doctors say your insane how can you disprove it
they want you in room sixty nine so you better move it"

"why waste a drop of blood in a pool
when it could be used as our fuel"

"leave the door open so the steam can escape
ans so the blood flow could leak into the lake"

"you would promise to miss me
but kill yourself before youd kiss me"

"they all laugh and lie but I'm still alive"

"grab the booze and grab the noose
you've tried to prove you wont make it loose"

"dont come to my funeral, in fact dont have it at all
just throw me into the hole an watch me fall"

"they call me pessimistic its so ironic
im too optimistic but i only get kicked"

"when you bleed, please tell me,
so i will be able to come and see"

"i find when your online i have a crime inside my mind
it begins with a sin and i finish dinner when your with the fishes"

"take a look and take a shout
what's all this nonsense about?
what's going on here?
angel, dear...
just let the poor kid out!!"

"leave the plumber her number in the drain
so he can call to find the rest of her remains"

"we're all like one of two children on a teeter totter ride
on a tiny island with a twenty four seven high tide
the under weight kid who never eats anything fried
an one the really fat and wide child one the other side
one is dying of thirst, but cant reach the water supply
dehydrating, while the other is submerged with wide eyes"

"go ahead and cut my thumbs, slice my gums
make me bleed numb, and step in my blood
just don't come to me when you need some"

"its begins at last
we can sin and fast
but if we win is out of our grasp"

"on your way out
would you turn off the light
just like your eyes gouged
such a pretty sight"

"there is a part forming in your heart called a rip
that is tearing at your head till you lose your grip"

"the flower growing above me
reminds me of how much you loved me
but when i realize it is just a dandelion
i remember how it was always a just lie"

"theres a fire inside me
my guts are grinding
nobody can find me
nobody can hide me"

"i can sign the devils deal
giving me all the meals
that i can eat that i feel
i deserve even if its not real"

"chose your weapon, knife, noose, or gun"

"ive wanted to be insane for so so long,
i finally am now and somethings wrong..."

"i hear these voices all damn night
am i still paranoid, if i am right?"

"what do i have to fear?
the noises that i hear,
they are just comfort
reminding someones near"

"if only i could never wake up
i'd rather dream"

"during the day they point and laugh all around me
the graph states how much humiliations its takes to drown me"

"my life isnt a dream
it is a nightmare"

"theres something funny in my hands, something bloody in demand
did your priest tell you the news, lifes just a scam your already damned"

"that empty grave reminds me to behave"

"when without hope turn to the pope,
he is sure to have some rope"

"you owe me blood, rope, and paper for the note that i wrote"

"i woke up in a hospital bed, you failed again is all the nurse said
trying so hard to be dead, but pencils just don't have the same led"

"you cannot even complete suicide no matter how hard you try
that should make you see when they say you can do anything its a lie"

"you lent me the pills and lent me the tears,
you stole my prayers and stole my stares
but when the pills spilled out into your ears
you didn't feel you even needed to care"

"hills of pills spilling into my sink
killing me before i can even drink"

"as your sitting alone by yourself at home,
using the cord that should only be used for a phone
you think to yourself, will anyone ever know?"

"its hard to be scared
and its hard to be scarred
but when nobody cares
its harder to get very far"

"what's a grave when it's empty
whats a grave when it's full?"

"what are the odds who are the gods
that let this happen
and will he please bury me"

"i am happy when others are sad
ill be laughing while they are dead"

"there's the padded wall you used to use to slam your head
and there's the little room where you use to twitch in your bed
laying down and laughing lunitically until you seizured dead"

"your kiss is red, but not from the lipstick
i like the blood and the sick look is slick"

"do you see that crack in the wall that holds your secret and is now oozing blood"

"your inside of me
inside my heart
im inside of you
but a different part"

"i think my breath of life is choking
but my lungs are both intact
my roller-coaster is broken
its going off the tracks"