It's A Love Song, Get Over It (new song by me)

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It's A Love Song, Get Over It (new song by me)

It’s A Love Song, Get Over It
(yea, that's the title, lol)

I’m chilled down to the spine
I don’t know what she expects
She must have seen the signs
How I end my goodbyes with “X”

You want just one harmless kiss
It’s the only thing left on your bucket list
And it’s already on your fuck-it list
But you’re not dead yet and there she is

Stuck in the friend zone
Everything went so fucking wrong
Her lips are the end zones
Her arms are where you belong

The girl you won’t admit you love
She says goodbye and sure it’s snug
But you want more than just a hug
Go for it now before you’re above

Thought process is lacked
Don’t think, just go in
The fact is you always win
If it’s worth a smack

The girl, she doesn’t know how you feel
Well she’s about to find out
Right after you count down *smooch*
And she blinks her eyes as if it’s not real

This is just one harmless kiss
Saying I love you with just your lips
Even if in the end it’s meaningless
It’s just one harmless kiss *smooch*

Close your eyes and do it, before it’s too late
What’s the worst that could happen
The voices in your head are clappin’
It’s just one harmless kiss, don’t wait *smooch*

Woops, um, it seems that was three
Well now you kissing me back *smooch* …harmlessly
Is it a dream come true or a nightmare
Oh who fucking cares, truth or dare, both are you

I think tonight went fine
Cause she sent me a text
That read “till next time-

Go grab that special lady that owns all your care
The baby-doll who calls you their teddy bear
It’s just one harmless kiss, one harmless kiss
That goes something like this *smooch*